A Balance of Trust

a play written to celebrate the centenary of
The National Trust, 1995

The photograph shows the original cast taken on the stairwell in Haslemere Museum.

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Cast of A Balance of Trust (51K)

Created as a Community Play, and first performed in October 1995, this play script dramatises the events surrounding the creation of The National Trust in the context of local events which were happening at the same time in the area around Haslemere in south west Surrey.

Suitable for schools and other societies interested in dramatising history.

Cast List – A Balance of Trust

— in order of appearance

List of Scenes – A Balance of Trust

The story of Fifty Years in the history of Haslemere and Hindhead, during which time The National Trust is founded and Hindhead is ‘saved’.
The action of the play takes place in various locations between the years 1855 and 1905, but begins at the present time in the ‘Happy Eater’ at Hindhead.
The performance is continuous, with one interval of 15 minutes, to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.

Act I

Act 2

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