Grayshott from Then to Now
– the fascinating story of the growth of a Hampshire village
John P Hill

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Paperback - 140 pages, illustrated in colour
Noyant Publications, Grayshott GU26 6TN
June 2019

Foreword . Introduction . Contents

Foreword – by Phil Bates

It is a great honour and pleasure for me to write a foreword for "Grayshott, from Then to Now".

This book is a charming mixture of local history and village life; in fact it covers the history of Grayshott over the best part of a thousand years, from very early to modern times.

John Hill's book illustrates extremely well and concisely how the growth and life of a community are inseparable, and that a stable community can survive almost anything but indifference.

Having lived in Grayshott for over fifty years I found, after reading "Grayshott, from Then to Now", that I came away with a sense of pride for our village. From start to finish I was fascinated with its history, and the detail of so much that has happened, which this book has captured so well, and accurately. I am confident that all those who are fortunate enough to read the book will feel likewise.

In my opinion, Grayshott village is in much need of an up-to-date book explaining its whole history, with full colour, which John has succeeded in writing; a work of which other villages will surely be envious.


It is said that, in order to understand the present, we need to appreciate our past. This is certainly relevant in the context of the development and growth of Grayshott, from its very early beginnings to the vibrant community that it has become today. The origins of the village have influenced what it is today, and we cannot understand where we are now without examining how we got here.

The whole of Grayshott covers some 901 acres, is about 650 feet above sea level, the whole area standing on the Hampshire/Surrey border to the north and east. The Parish is in a region of great scenic beauty, surrounded on three sides by woodland, wooded valleys and common. The whole area is threaded with footpaths and within minutes from the village centre it is possible to be deep in pleasant rolling countryside.

From its very early beginnings, as a nearby rural hamlet, to that of a modern thriving community, the development of Grayshott is the story of a village which has grown not only through changes in English society over the decades, but also because of the hard work and generosity that was bestowed by certain families and individuals at the time, all playing a major part in the growth of the village.

In the pages that follow, we go on a journey, travelling in time from the Norman Conquest to the present day. We see the influences that were in play at the time, including the coming of the railways as well as two world wars which did much to shape the society in which we live today.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

Table of contents


Chapter 1 Beginnings, from around a thousand years ago

Chapter 2 The Early Years, from the first Victorian years

Chapter 3 Of Services and Social, the foundations of village life

Chapter 4 The New Century calls, towards the 20th century

Chapter 5 Grayshott and the Great War, 1914-1918

Chapter 6 The Middle Years, the 1920s and 1930s

Chapter 7 The Home Front, 1939-1945

Chapter 8 From Then to Now, a modern village

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