My Ockenden Adventure
Elsie Broughton

Cover of A Time of Change

Life in a home in Haslemere for refugee children from the displaced persons’ camps in Germany.

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Availability: Available from the author at 28 Beacon Hill Court, Wood Road, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6PU

Front cover: Photograph of Keffolds, Haslemere, Surrey (courtesy of Barnardo's)

Paperback - 108 pages
Includes colour reproductions of paintings by the author
Elsie Broughton; October 2009

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Back cover

Completely untrained and more than a little apprehensive Elsie Broughton was recruited into helping with the catering for the newly-opening home in
Haslemere for refugee children from the displaced persons’ camps in Germany.

Her story tells of the amazing growth and expansion of the work, of the wonderful friendships made and of the fun and laughter, sadness and heartbreak shared as members of the ‘Ockenden family’ over a period of 35 years.


Chapter 1 The Adventure Begins - Keffolds
Chapter 2 The First Summer
Chapter 3 A New Housemother
Chapter 4 All Change
Chapter 5 A Displaced Person
Chapter 6 Return to Keffolds
Chapter 7 Finance
Chapter 8 The Kitchen Garden
Chapter 9 Friends
Chapter 10 Dogs
Chapter 11 A Change of Direction
Chapter 12 The Sale of Keffolds

The Ockenden Venture

The Ockenden Venture was above all a venture of faith, which touched all who took part in it to a greater or lesser degree. It was given enormous impetus when 1959 was designated as World Refugee Year and hundreds of children were brought over to this country from the notorious displaced persons' camps in Germany for their education.

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