The Story of a Catholic Parish

Etienne Robo

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Father Robo tells how, after an absence of almost two centuries, Catholic worship was restored in Farnham, in part due to the immigration of French priests fleeing from the ‘terror’ of the Revolution in their own country.

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Paperback - 106 pages, with illustrations
St Joan of Arc Archive Team, 2022
This edition is a reissue of the 1951 text with minor alterations and repositioning of illustrations

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“In graves unmarked by stone or cross, seventeen French priests lie buried in the churchyard of St. Andrews’s, Farnham. They were exiles who had found shelter in this town … [later] we realised that some two hundred of them had actually lived at Farnham at some time or another between February, 1793, and the last months of 1802” “The arrival of so many Catholic priests in this little town, and the welcome they received, only a few years after the Gordon riots, is a strange enough episode to excite interest. We shall describe it with all the more pleasure that it is to the credit of all concerned: of the English people, whose generous hospitality on that occasion deserves to be placed on record, and of the refugees themselves, who bore poverty and exile with courage and dignity.”


Introduction and Foreword
Chapter I – Farnham in penal times
Chapter II – Two hundred Catholic Priests in Farnham
Chapter III – The second Spring
Chapter IV – Marking time
Chapter V – Thirty-eight years in retrospect
Chapter VI – A guide to the new church

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