St Bartholomew's Parish Church Haslemere
Katherine Jessel

Cover of A Time of Change

A short History, 1180 to the present day

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Front cover: Porch of St Bartholomew's today

Paperback - 56 pages
The Friends of the Parish of Haslemere, Chequers Orchard, Bell Vale Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3DJ
Published October 2007

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It was the coming of the railway in 1859 that brought the gifted and famous, such as Alfred, Lord Tennyson, to Haslemere. Yet since 1180 a church had stood above the town on Church Hill. This narrative traces St Bartholomew’s origins from an unconsecrated chapel on the Piperham Estate to its dedication in 1363 as a church serving the hamlet of Haslemere, within the Parish of Chiddingfold.

Following the upheavals of the Reformation and Civil War (when it made a bid for independence) St Bartholomew’s established itself, through the generosity of its patrons, by enlargement, education and pastoral care. In 1870, after an eventual separation from Chiddingfold, the church was re-built in the Gothic style. The subsequent history of St Bartholomew’s under its legendary Rectors, Sanders Etheridge and G.H. Aitken, and the philanthropist Stewart Hodgson, is in part the story of the flowering of the Arts and Crafts movement in Haslemere, which – together with the building of St Christopher’s Church and St Bartholomew’s School – created an enduring legacy.


List of Illustrations
Early Days
Rev. Sanders Etheridge
Colour plates
Rev. G.H. Aitken
From the Great War to the present day
Clerks, Curates and Rectors of Haslemere
Time Line

List of Illustrations

Porch of St Bartholomew's today – front cover
Cover of Parish Magazine, 1885 drawing by Mrs J.W. Whymper, engraved by Edward Whymper
St Bartholomew's Church from the south-east, c.1808 sketch by Henry Petrie
St Bartholomew's Church from the west, c.1822 from a sketch by J Hassell
Interior of St Bartholomew's Church looking west from a sketch by J.W. Penfold, 1858
Haslemere Town Hall, 1862
Rev. Sanders Etheridge, Rector 1868-1897
The church as rebuilt in 1870 from a drawing by J.W. Penfold
J.W. Penfold, architect
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
The "St Cecilia" screen, designed 1905
Stewart Hodgson
The Rectory, Pound Corner, 1899
Colour plates
 Interior of St Bartholomew's church from sketches by E Hassell, 1828
 Sketches of St Bartholomew's church c.1860 and 2006

 Windows: (photographer Ray Harris)
  Elijah with the Raven Transfiguration Window
  St Cecilia Window
  St Peter Transfiguration Window
  St Matthew Flemish painted window
  Parson Memorial Window
  Tennyson Memorial Window
  Adam & Eve banished from Paradise
  Nativity, High Altar Window
  East Window, from a sketch by E. Hassell, 1828

 St Cecilia Screen after renovation 2007

Rev. G.H. Aitken, Rector 1897-1918
St Bartholomew's, 1868, with National School behind
View of the entrance to the new school in 1916
Sir Robert Hunter, founder of The National Trust
Nicholson's plans in 1913 for the interior
War Memorial in Haslemere High Street
St Bartholomew's from the north-west
Victory celebrations in Haslemere, 19th July 1919
Interior of St Bartholomew's around 1900
George Oliver "Walking to Church"
Porch of St Bartholomew's today
View of St Bartholomew's 'isolated in open fields'
St Bartholomew's in winter, photo by Andrew Neate – back cover

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