Alton Papers, No.8

Cover of Alton Papers 8

One of a series of booklets containing short articles on the history of Alton

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Cover Illustration: Fossil sea-urchin, of the Cretaceous period; reproduced from The Geology and fossils … of Sussex by Fdk Dixon, 1850

Paperback - 48 pages
The Local History Group of the Friends of the Curtis Museum and Allen Gallery; 2004

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THE REVEREND CANON EDWARD JAMES, Vicar of St Lawrence's Church, Alton, 1831-1854. Papers in the Vicarage by Edward J M Hepper

THE ACT OF SETTLEMENT; and the Sad Story of Sarah Stacey of Binsted by Major RG Reed

No.25, LENTEN STREET by Jane Hurst

CRETACEOUS ALTON by Michael C Parkin


ODDS and ENDS - The Rinking Carnival

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