A Very Artistic Affair
Eve Phillips

Cover of And All Shall be Well

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318 pages
Paperback - ISBN: 978-0-9555778-6-4
Published: 2010 by Sagittarius Publications

Associated title: A Year Out of Time, All Shall Be Well, Matthew's Daughter, The Changing Day, A Very Private Arrangement, Return to Falcon Field , The Turning Point by Eve Phillips

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The year is nineteen sixty-five. After twenty years of marriage Olivia, a forty-five year old wife and mother, discovers that her husband, Giles, has fallen in love with a young actress half his age.

Already feeling the first stirrings of discontent as the conventional and dutiful wife of her far from faithful husband, and conscious that the Swinging Sixties is rapidly passing her by, a humiliated and angry Olivia leaves the family home, moves from Hampshire to Devonshire, discards her twin-set and pearls image, resumes her earlier career as an artist, acquires her own occasional lover and copes successfully with her teenage son's burgeoning affair with a sculptor's daughter.

But as the months pass neither Olivia nor Giles find the separate paths they have chosen free from difficulty. There is confrontation, conflict and pain as events take many unexpected, sometimes tragic, and sometimes farcical twists and turns, before either can leave the past behind them and move forward into a new, and hopefully more peaceful, future.

About the Author

Eve Phillips was born in London but, at an early age, moved to Epping Forest in Essex. She now lives in Hampshire, and has three children and six grandchildren.

Committed to combining creative fiction with strong factual backgrounds, Phillips has relied heavily on the resources of such venerable institutions as The Imperial War Museum, The Holocaust Museum and The Royal British Legion, to whom she is indebted for their support.

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