Miss Bell's Fountains
Jane Hurst

Cover of  Miss Bell's Fountains

"The Munificent Gifts" in Alton

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Cover Illustration: The fountain in Crown Close, with its 'second' lantern

Paperback - 36 pages
Jane Hurst; 2002

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During the mid-eighteen hundreds, three sisters arrived in Alton - the Misses Sarah, Elizabeth and Eliza Bell. By 1861, Miss Eliza was living at Borovere Cottage (now Borovere Residential Care Home) at the west end of the town and Misses Sarah and Elizabeth were living at Langham Cottage (now known as Barton End). They were members of a Quaker family and had come to Alton several years before. In 1867, Miss Elizabeth requested that a public lamp be placed opposite her house where it was said to be much required. Nothing seems to have happened!

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