Cover of Chang and the Birds of Old China ISBN 1-873855-32-X

illustrated poetry and prose for children
from an original idea by Arda Lacey and Iris Spanswick

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Illustrations by Jim Warman

Paperback - 68 pages
John Owen Smith; ISBN: 1-873855-32-X; September 2000

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Chang (19k)As you all know, China has many, many bright children and beautiful birds. Among the brightest and most curious was a small boy named Chang.

Curiosity makes things happen - and, because of his interest in nature, nature cast a spell on him.

He could be seen spending hours and hours on the grassy slopes near his home on sunny days, just daydreaming, daydreaming.

One noon, lying under a leafy tree, Chang was dazzled by a strange light above him. Rubbing his eyes, he raised himself slowly from the ground - and as the light faded, there on the branch sat a little bird, obviously wanting to be friendly ...

About the Authors

Arda Lacey

Born in Shanghai in 1914. Freelance journalist, poet and adjudicator. Educated at the Cathedral School for Girls, with further studies in Europe while travelling. Did war work in Singapore (1940-42). In 1945, having been widowed in South Africa, returned to England with her two small children. From 1946 to 1949 did welfare work in China with the Rockerfeller Foundation and UNICEF. After being evacuated to Britain remarried and worked for 17 years with an oil company. During this time became a freelance journalist and took early retirement to write. Has written for The Times, The Guardian, Kent Life as well as other pub-lica-tions in the UK and abroad. Winner of a number of literary awards, including the prestigious Julia Cairns Poetry Competition. Her main interests include poetry and gardening. Co-founder of Phoenix Poets in Westminster; Vice-President of the London Writer Circle; member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists.

Iris Spanswick

A storyteller with 3 daughters and 8 grand-children. Born in Sussex, one of the Asburnham family of Ralph. Moved to London at 13. Did various jobs during the war and afterwards worked mainly in the City for chartered accountants. Marriage to an airline manager provided constant travel abroad, during which time she wrote for the airline journal. Fell in love with Cyprus on holiday and after her husband's retirement lived there for 20 years. Now lives in Moseley, Warwickshire.

About the Illustrator

Jim Warman

Born in South London in 1925. Early studies inter-rupted by the war. In 1943 he joined the RAF and after the war entered BOAC European Division, at the same time resumed his art studies. In 1950 was invited by Arda Lacey to do the illustrations for Chang and the Trees of Old China. Retired from British Airways in 1982. Lives in Aldwick near Bognor Regis. Main interests include travel and the Far East.


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About the Publisher

John Owen Smith was born in 1942 and trained as a Chemical Engineer at London University, but spent most of his working life designing commercial Information Systems for the paper-making industry. Following redundancy, he 'fell' into researching and recording the local history of east Hampshire, where he now lives. His own output of historical community plays, lectures, articles and books includes:-

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