Circles of Light
EM Sinclair

Cover of The Nemesis File by James Morley

Cover of The Nemesis File by James Morley

A series of six books telling the tale of Tika, a runanway slave who becomes bonded to Dragons in a turbulent world.

RRP: 7.95 each

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Cover: Book 1 – Soul Bonds

Paperback - 318 to 420 pages - ISBNs 978-09554135-0-6 to 978-09554135-5-1
Author/Publisher: EM Sinclair (Murrell Press, 4 Farthing Fields, Headley, Hampshire GU35 8PD)

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Synopses of the Books

Book 1: Soul Bonds – A young slave girl flees from the Lord who owns her, choosing to die in the mountains rather than become one of his 'pretties'. When that death seems all too likely, she is found by one of the Dragon Kindred and Tika's life takes a twist she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams - or her worst nightmares.

Book 2: Vagrants In the face of increasing troubles in the world, Tika and her companions discover Vagrantia, the hidden community of once-powerful magic wielders. After centuries of seclusion, the Vagrantian leader Thryssa, has to decide whether to allow her people to return to participate in the affairs of the outside world.

Book 3: Drogoya Leaving Mim in control of the Northern Stronghold, Tika travels west to the lands where she was born a slave. She is searching for a mysterious being called Namolos. Meanwhile, in the lands of Drogoya, evil is growing rapidly with all too few people able to resist its force.

Book 4: Survivors While still seeking Namolos, Tika and her company learn that an ancient evil, believed to have been safely neutralised a thousand years before, is now beginning to stir. With the help of a mage councillor, the evil strengthens and is close to gaining its freedom. Tika has to combat this evil rather than continue her search for Namolos, whose trail grows ever fainter.

Book 5: Dark Realm When Tika vanishes, Farn collapses and is close to insanity. The First Daughter of the Dark Realm risks herself to retrieve Farn's mind, knowing that the young Dragon must be reunited with Tika. She believes that Tika is the only one who will be able to defeat the Crazed One.

Book 6: Perilous Shadows Tika is faced with ever-worsening problems in trying to locate the Splintered Kingdom. Increasingly she despairs of ever reaching the end of this chain of events, and of finding a safe haven for herself and her friends.

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