Cold Revenge
EM Sinclair

Cover of The Nemesis File by James Morley

In 1816, Grace Harper, twenty five years old and with no family, is governess to four orphans.

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Cover: Photograph by James Brittain: Dickens Room, Dennis Severs' House

Paperback - 208 pages - ISBN 978-0-9554135-6-8
Author/Publisher: EM Sinclair (Murrell Press, 4 Farthing Fields, Headley, Hampshire GU35 8PD)

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It is spring of the year 1816. Grace Harper, twenty five years old and with no family, is governess to four orphans: Matthew, who is the young Earl of Rapley, and his three even younger sisters. Four years previously she had been employed indirectly by the children's uncle, Lord David Shalham, their guardian, who had spent the last thirteen years in India following a scandal in England for which he was accused.

When just eighteen, Matthew and a sister only sixteen years old decide to move from their settled home in rural Hampshire to the empty family house in London. Grace has perforce to follow with the other two girls, and is plunged into the intricacies of formal Society. Life there is fraught enough, having to learn new social skills, but then a madman connected with Lord Shalham's past pitches them all into a situation which threatens their lives.

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