Compton Pottery
Hilary Calvert

Cover of Compton Pottery

Hilary Calvert's richly illustrated book traces the history of this village industry and is the first account of the diversity and heritage of this unusual pottery.

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Front cover: Plaque 32x20cm, Girl collecting fruit.

Paperback £5.95 (excluding P&P); 36pp; full-colour illustrations throughout – ISBN, none
Published by Watts Gallery, Down Lane, Compton, GU3 1DQ – order via their website or phone 01483 810235

Background Information . Contents

The Compton Pottery evolved at the end of the 19th century from an evening class run by Mary Seton Watts (18491938), wife of the Victorian painter George Frederic Watts (18171904) at their home, Limnerslease in the village of Compton, Surrey.

She had encouraged local people to come together to make, under her guidance, terracotta panels for the new cemetery chapel, which was GF Watts's gift to the village in which he made his final home. With the completion of the Chapel in 1898 a pottery guild was formed which developed into a small village industry. The pottery thrived and its red clay garden pots, a mixture of Celtic and Art Nouveau styles, were sold in London by Liberty & Co.

Hilary Calvert first visited Watts Gallery in 1991. The realisation that the collection included art pottery as well as pictures was the start of her interest in Compton Pottery. She began collecting the coloured ware as well as photographing other collections with the long-term aim of recording every piece made. At the same time she has been researching the origins and working methods of the pottery and is pleased to have been able to produce this book on behalf of Watts Gallery.

The book is published by Watts Gallery with the kind support of The Albert Dawson Education Trust, Ellie Packer and Robert Freidus and Grayshott Pottery. It is on sale at Watts Gallery, Down Lane, Compton, GU3 1DQ at Grayshott Pottery, Hindhead GU26 6LR and at all good suppliers


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