Echoes of Erie Camp
Headley Down Nature Reserve Trust

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A history of the Headley Down Nature Reserve and the Heatherlands Estate from 1939 to 2019 through memories and photographs

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Published June 2019 – Booklet of 56 pages
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This is a comprehensive publication which tells the history of the piece of land now known as Heatherlands. Beginning with the construction of a WW2 Canadian Detention Centre there in 1941, it takes us graphically, in pictures and text, through its history to the present day.



'Echoes of Erie Camp' is the result of research carried out by the Headley Down Nature Reserve Trust to recover and record the history of the site of the nature reserve and the adjacent Heatherlands Estate. The project has been made possible by the participation of many local people who have shared their memories and photographs with us, and through the help of the Canadian Military Engineers who contributed material from their archives. The publication of this booklet coincides with a community event held on 9 June 2019 to unveil a commemorative plaque and illustrated information boards on the nature reserve, to serve as a permanent record of our local history along with a Maple Tree and a circular bench. We hope it will provide a space to relax and enjoy for many years to come.

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