Further Reflections on Churt
Olivia Cotton

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More photographic memories of Churt, Surrey

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Paperback - 158 pages
Olivia Cotton; ISBN: 0-9542486-1-9; December 2004

Associated titles: Churt, an Oasis through Time - Churt Remembered - A Time of Change

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1 An old family: the Crouchers
2 Life in the Big Houses
3 Churt and the Great War
4 How Churt acquired its Recreation Ground
5 The Edwin Abbott memorial cottages
6 Quinnettes in the 1930s
7 Farming on the Lloyd George Estate
8 Recollections of a Nonagenarian Vicar
9 Frensham Common and Aviation
10 Music making in Churt
11 Hale House, a pictorial history
12 Old Churt and an old property, Hyde Farm
13 2004, Centenary Year for Hindhead Golf Club
14 Jumps House, a Victorian Melodrama
15 Over the Years in Photographs

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