Gladys Laverty's Recipe Book
Headley Rectory 1907

Cover of Headley's Past in Pictures ISBN 1-873855-27-3

Recipes written by a Rector's daughter in Headley Rectory at the beginning of the 20th century

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Front cover: The actual cover of Gladys Laverty's hand-written notebook

Paperback - 158 pages containing handwritten recipes
John Owen Smith; ISBN: 978-1-873855-73-7; July 2017

Associated titles: Headley's Past in Pictures by John Owen Smith; Characters of Headley's Past by John Owen Smith; Walks around Headley by John Owen Smith; Headley Compendium

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From the first recipe (Banana Cream) to the last (Geneva Pastry), this book offers an intriguing insight into the style of cooking taking place in a rural Rectory at the beginning of the 20th century. Three example pages below show the range and mixture of recipes, both for food and for kitchen aids.

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