Hartley Mauditt House
Jane Hurst

Cover of Alton's Pubs

'A Capital uniform mansion'?
Tradition and myth of a lost house

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Paperback - 56 pages
Jane Hurst; 2015

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When one visits Hartley Mauditt (south east of Alton in Hampshire) today, the main features are the church, a pond and some farms. There is said to be a local tradition that there was a manor house or mansion here once and that 'in 1798 the owner preferred to live in London, but his wife wished to remain in Hartley Mauditt, so he demolished the manor house, thus forcing her to follow him. She is buried in the churchyard, so her heart at least did in the end return.'

As with so many traditions, there seems to be a small grain of truth in this, wrapped up in a great deal of myth.

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