'Hindhead is Safe'
John Owen Smith

Cover of The Hilltop Writers

A short history of the acquisition of Hindhead Common by The National Trust
— plus —
Details of a Dramatic Walk over Hindhead Common

This title has now been replaced by
Sir Robert Hunter's Dramatic Walks

Cover: The Cross on Gibbet Hill in morning sunlight, October 2010

Paperback - 64 pages, plus illustrations and map of the walk
John Owen Smith; ISBN: 978-1-873855-61-4; January 2011

Associated titles: Heatherley by Flora Thompson; Grayshott by JH Smith; A Balance of Trust by John Owen Smith; Shottermill by Greta A Turner

Publisher's Note . Table of Contents . Scenes from the Dramatic Walk . About the Author

Publisher's Note

Replaces The Sir Robert Hunter Trail, Hindhead Common, Dramatised Walk — ISBN 1-873855-13-3 — plus additional text

The title 'Hindhead is Safe' quotes a headline in the Surrey Advertiser of 4th November 1905 referring to the purchase by a few public spirited persons of Hindhead Common, which would now be handed to The National Trust and thus preserved 'in perpetuity for ever'

Table of contents

About the Author

John Owen Smith was born in 1942 and trained as a Chemical Engineer at London University, but spent most of his working life designing commercial Information Systems for the paper-making industry. Following redundancy, he 'fell' into researching and recording the local history of east Hampshire, where he now lives. His output of historical community plays, lectures, articles and books includes:—

— and other titles

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