The Nemesis File
James Morley

Cover of The Nemesis File by James Morley

Fourteen days will change Steve's life. This tense mystery-thriller moves swiftly from Sussex to Copenhagen with interludes in Portsmouth, Italy and Scotland, and ends with a sea chase in a gale.

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Cover: Itchenor, near Chichester, West Sussex

Paperback - 210 pages - ISBN 978-0-9548880-0-8
Author/Publisher: James Morley (Benhams Books, 1 Fir Cottage, Greatham, Liss, Hampshire GU33 6BB) - Tel: 01420 538688

Associated title: Rocastle's Vengeance ; Magdalena's Redemption ; Emily's Hour ; Olympic Nemesis by James Morley

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Professional yachtsman and Olympic medallist Steve Simpson has problems. His wife has died and his Chichester sail-making business is under threat. When Steve and his daughter Sarah find the body of a young Dane in the sea off the Sussex coast they are inextricably sucked into an international blackmail and drugs conspiracy.

The story describes fourteen days that will change Steve’s life. It is a test that leads him to new love and a rebirth of his hopes. This tense mystery-thriller moves swiftly from Sussex to Copenhagen with interludes in Portsmouth, Italy and Scotland, and ends with a sea chase in a gale.

About the Author

Jim Morley has sailed and raced small boats all his life. He spent forty years in agriculture and forestry before changing to a career in freelance writing. He lives near Petersfield in Hampshire and sails a small family yacht on Chichester Harbour.


Olympic sailor Cathy Foster:
Rarely have I read such a racy book! It carries you along at pace, and holds you fast until the very end. Just then you think that maybe this is getting far-fetched, but the punch-line pulls you up short and makes you re-assess the characters and their relationship to events. Suddenly the plot hangs together again in a very satisfactory way, just as good detective stories should.
Instead of long descriptions to 'paint a picture' of all the venues and situations, the writing is succinct and carefully crafted to give the maximum impression for the minimum words. This gives the book its fast tempo, yet nothing is lost because the accurate detailing of locations and action bonds the reader into plot. As a past Olympic sailor myself, I know the sailing venues described in both Chichester Harbour and Copenhagen well, and I can reassure any future reader that the author has definitely done his research. In addition, he's right – you do build life-long bonds with other British athletes and other countries' sailors when you are part of the Olympic team representing your country. It is a pleasure and highly unusual to read a book which describes the joys of sailing and racing so well. Yet it's not a book about sailing, full of technicalities of the sport. Sailing provides the background framework for a story of murder and blackmail where the investigation chases over four countries and three generations of lives.
A thoroughly enjoyable read.

Cathy Foster went to the Olympics in 1984 (finished 7th and made history as the first woman helm since the 2nd World War) and competed in two other Olympic campaigns, the last being 2002/3. She's a freelance Coach who specialises in top level racing, including Olympic and Paralympic sailors.

Journalist Pamela Payne:
The prologue of Jim Morley's book grabs you by the throat and the unfolding story holds you in its grip until the last page - do not, under any circumstances read the epilogue before finishing the book. With locations as diverse as the South Coast of England, Naples and Denmark, The Nemesis File's credible sailing scenes will either have you reaching for the seasickness-pills or signing on for a course; the sex scenes, however, are the most romantic I have read for a long time. A great adventure story, which will delight both sexes - sailors or landlubbers.

Yachts and Yachting:
Jim Morley is a sailor writing for sailors and his first novel is immersed in the South Coast yachting and dinghy scene....If somebody was going to write a novel for Yachts and Yachting readers this would probably be it.

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