No Toys for the Boys
Joe Leggett

Cover of No Toys for the Boys

Further recollections of growing up in Liphook, Longmoor and Griggs Green

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Paperback - 40 pages; Edited by Elly Foster; Illustrated by Anne Street
Bramshott & Liphook Preservation Society; ISBN: 0-9536616-1-X; 2003

Associated titles: Growing up in Griggs Green by Joe Leggett; Heatherley by Flora Thompson; 1925 Guide to Liphook by Flora Thompson; Liphook and the Canadians by Laurence Giles

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In his foreword to 'Growing up in Griggs Green', Laurence Giles expressed the hope that this would be only a first instalment of Joe Leggett's memoirs. Now, in 'No Toys for the Boys' we may enjoy a further selection of Joe's stories about his early life.

He is now ninety-three, and was in his seventies when he began to write down his memories of the events and characters from his childhood, schooldays and the early years of working with his father. His vivid recall, and sharp eye for detail will appeal to the younger generation of readers whom his editor, Elly Foster, had in mind when making her second selection.

The Preservation Society is most grateful to her for her work, and for the introductory words which set the scene for each story. We thank also Anne Street for her imaginative drawings which capture, in such a lively way, the atmosphere of the stories that she has illustrated.


About the Publisher

The Bramshott and Liphook Preservation Society have published a series of booklets on the local history of their area. They may be contacted at 12 London Road, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7AN – Tel: 01428 722162.

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