SHOTTERMILL – its Farms, Families and Mills
Part 1 - Early Times to the 1700s

Greta A Turner

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Front cover: Map of the Shottermill area circa 1777

Paperback - 274 pages, illustrated with photographs and maps
John Owen Smith; ISBN: 978-1-873855-39-3; March 2004

Associated titles: Shottermill, part 2 by Greta A Turner; The Hilltop Writers by WR Trotter; An Edwardian Childhood by Margaret Hutchinson; The Southern Wey, a guide

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Back Cover

For 700 years the small isolated community in the Wey valley at Shottermill was a corner of industry.

By the end of the nineteenth century there had existed six watermills which over the years had been used for operations as diverse as corn milling, fulling, iron working, and in particular sickle making, leather dressing, and paper and braid making.

On surrounding commons 'broom-makers' used the natural products of the heathland to manufacture besoms for sale as far afield as London, while yeoman farmers and their descendants used the better land for livestock and arable crops.

This first volume on the history of Shottermill covers the period from the earliest days through the times of plague, the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the Civil War to the decline of the local iron industry in the 1700s.

A second volume covers the history of Shottermill from the appearance of the Simmons family of paper makers in the 1700s to the early twentieth century when it bacame part of Haslemere.

Publisher's Note

This is the first book of a two-part history of Shottermill and the area around – where the counties of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex meet.
Although Shottermill is thought of today as part of Haslemere Town on the Surrey side of the River Wey, in earlier times it was essentially associated with a larger area covering both sides of the Wey valley as these books show.
They are the result of over ten years' research by the author who, with the help of archives in Haslemere Museum, three county record offices, local historical associations and elsewhere, has pieced together a compelling and readable history of the farms, families and mills in the area.

The second part of this history, covering the period 1730 to the early twentieth century, is published as a separate book (ISBN 1-873855-40-0).


I am grateful to many people for their assistance in the writing of this account: to members of the local history associations; to the various Record Offices for their help at problematic moments which certainly did occur; to J.W. Penfold, W.A. Sillick, W.J.D. Cooper, and James Simmons III, the Diarist, for their invaluable records; to E.E. Orchard for producing two volumes of the Diary; and also to the Haslemere Educational Museum which has allowed me to roam at will through its Archive. My particular thanks go to Carla Barnes for her information on Northpark; to Jeremy Hodgkinson, Chairman of the Wealden Iron Research Group, for reading through my ironworks chapters; to Professor Alan Crocker for his comments on the paper industry and for permission to reproduce the etching of Field End; and to Martin Kane for his Simmons family trees.

I am much indebted to the owners of local properties of all ages for their kind reception and interest and often the reproduction of deeds, photographs, etc; in particular to Miss Anna Roncaglia, Mrs Lockwood and Mr Appleby but also to many others too numerous to mention.

Most of the illustrations are taken from the Haslemere Museum Collection but some of the Linchmere properties were photographed by Mrs V.M. Queen who also helped garner early material.

Last but not least, my thanks and apologies to my husband who has borne years of neglect with only a reasonable amount of complaint.

Table of contents

Publisher's Note
About the Author
List of Illustrations & Maps
Timeline for Shottermill
Section 1 - Shottermill to the 1500s
Chapter One - Earliest Shottermill and The Saxon Corn Mill at Pitfold:
Shottermill Today; Local Geography; Prehistory; Roman and Saxon Periods on the Sussex and Surrey Sides; Domesday 1086; Later Mediaeval Times to the 1500s; the Creation of Pitfold Manor out of the Farnham Manor Lands in the Tything of Pitfold; General Mediaeval Trends and How Far the Farnham and Pitfold Manors followed this Pattern; the Black Death, Slow Recovery and Emergence of Local Detail; Early Farms and Cottages in the Manor of Farnham; Early Farms and Cottages in the Manor of Pitfold; the Early Corn Mill at Pitfold and Lower Pitfold Farm; Later History of the Pope Family.
Section 2 - Shottermill from the 1500s to the 1700s - the Sussex Side
Chapter Two - From Priory to Manor of Linchmere and Shulbrede:
From Priory to Manor; the Montagues and their Tenants; the Cash Economy; the Relationship between the Sussex side and Haslemere; the Iron Workers; Everyday Life; the Church; the Poor and the Aged.
Chapter Three - The Farms and Farmhouses in the Manor of Linchmere:
Farming Practices; New Farming Techniques; The Wey Valley Farms of Bridge, Gilhams, Hammer, Washers als Watchers, Stones, Springhead and Deanes; Signs of Prosperity - Building Improvements; the Shotter Family Holdings of Parrys & Hurlands (High Building), Shulbrede Priory Farm and Watts.
Chapter Four - The Shotters and Shottover Mill:
The Shotters and Shottover Mill; Various Renderings of the Shotter name; the Early name of Shotter Mill; the Connexion between the Shotters and Shottover Corn Mill; the Start Date of Shottover Mill; its function; the History of Shottover Mill.
Chapter Five - The Cottages in Linchmere Manor:
Appearance of new Cottages - Pelham's (possibly Ramblers), Barden's, Anchor House, the Smithy, the Hammer Cottages, Greene's and Stoneham's Cottages, Pond and Corner Cottages; Others outside the Wey valley.
Chapter Six - The Hammer at Pophole:
Introduction; Origins of the Name 'Pophole'; Background to Ironmaking in the Weald; Technology; Local and Economic Background; History of the Hammer - the Startup Years; Evidence Provided by Some of the Early Ironworkers; Evidence from the Lay Subsidies; the Tythe Dispute 1598; the Workforce; Pophole in the Seventeenth Century - the Formal Surrender to Lord Montague; the Shotter Association with Iron-working; the Hammer Cottages; Seventeenth Century Accounts; Pophole in the Eighteenth Century; John Butler of Bramshott (previously of Stanley Farm); the End of Iron-working at the Hammer.
Chapter Seven - The Shottermill Road System
Section 3 - Shottermill from the 1500s to the 1700s - the Surrey Side
Chapter Eight - Introduction to Pitfold:
Pitfold manor through the Montague, Poyntz, Pritchard and Baker families; suggestions why the name of Shottermill superseded the old name of Pitfold for the Surrey side; Shottermill in the 1600s; the Social Scene, Attitudes, Population.
Chapter Nine - The Farnham and Pitfold Manor Boundaries
Chapter Ten - The Landholding Families - The Combes:
The Combes family of Critchmere Farm; Lane End Farm; Allens Farm and Lees Cottage; Sturt Farm; parts of the Great Purpresture and (briefly) Brookbank.
Chapter Eleven - The Paynes & Shotters at Pitfold Mill; the Benifolds; the Nappers & Cherrimans at the Tanyard:
The Thomas Paynes at Pitfold Mill and Lower Pitfold and High Pitfold Farms; their other small Pitfold manor land parcels which the Benifolds grouped to form Middle Pitfold Farm; after the Paynes, the Bardens and Shotters (with local family tree) at Pitfold Mill and Lower Pitfold Farm; the Napper and Cherriman families at the Tanhouse; High Pitfold Farm thro' the Paynes, Benifolds and Bakers.
Chapter Twelve - The Wheelers & Hoads at Sickle Mill; and the Cherriman, Tamplin and Tribe families:
Wheelers/Sturt Hammer, later Sickle Mill; Sturt Farm and the Great Purpresture; the Construction of the Hammer and its Early Years; the Various Early Names of the Hammer; the Hoads - Sickle-makers - at the Hammer; the Leat; Sickle Making; Sturt Farm its later History; Sickle Mill House; the Cherriman and Tamplin Families; the Tribe Family and Buffbeards.
Chapter Thirteen - Pitfold in the Courts
Chapter Fourteen - The Pitfold Cottages:
The Cottages in Shottermill St. (now the Liphook Road) - the Critchmere Lane End Cottage, Brookbank, the Staff of Life, and Harding's Cottage late the P.O; the Cottages on Lion Green - Moorey's and Harding's on the SE corner; the Cottages above the Common in Lion Lane - now gone except for Bargate and Old Cottage; the Cottages on the Lower Lion, Clay Hill, and in the Nutcombe Valley; the Cottages on Critchmere Hill including the Royal Oak and Kiln Cottage; the Cottages in Wakeners Wells and on the Turnpike (Portsmouth) Road.

List of Illustrations

Ruins of Cowdray House
Bridge Farm
Gilhams Farm today
Rats Castle today
Stones/Mill Tavern
Springhead Farm
Deanes als Deanehouse
High Building today
Shulbrede Priory
Lease of Shottover Mill 1583
Anchor House
Pond Cottage
Pophole: Hammer Cottages and the Hammer 1960
New Watts Farmhouse today – now Watchers [Dexam]
The Northern sluice at Pophole
Sketch of Forge Hammer
Hammer Cottages in 1876
Wey Hill looking east c.1888
Rent Roll of 1727
Lane End Farm in 1877
Allens Farm/Blossom Cottage before its modern extension
Lees Cottage
Pitfold Mill in 1911
Lower Pitfold Farm in 1876
Shotter family tree
The Tanhouse, now Rose Cottage opposite Shotter Mill
High Pitfold Farm
Sturt Farm in 1876 – view from above showing the many barns
The stream flowing over the Sturt Road/Camelsdale Road junction
Buffbeards Farm in 1876, at that time two dwellings
Brookbank in the late 1800s
Staff of Life, a Public House, around the late 1800s
William Oakford wearing traditional shepherd's smock
The Royal Oak, Critchmere in 1876

List of Maps

The Shottermill area circa 1777
Boundaries of parishes surrounding Shottermill
Hundred and Manor of Farnham
Water Supply System to the Wey Valley at Shottermill
Intrusion of Thursley parish into Haslemere
Manors of Farnham and Pitfold in the Tything of Pitfold showing the very early farms and cottages
Early Farms in Linchmere Manor bordering the Wey
Pophole Hammer site
Properties near Shottermill associated with the Iron Industry
The Shottermill Road System
Farmlands in Pitfold Tything
Pitfold Mill and surroundings
Sickle Mill, Great Purpresture and surroundings
Cottages in Shottermill on the Surrey side


ABBEY. see Dureford and Waverley
Shottermill locals 1600s, 171
suppression at Fernhurst 1642, 68
ALLEN. see also Allens Farm
at Allens Farm 1560, 40
John A. 'murdered by ye fall of his Mare', 187
John A. attempted purchase of Washers 1651, 79
ALLENS FARM [parts later Blossom Cottage and Church Lane House]
Allens family at 1500s/1600s, 40
bondland, 38
Combes of Lane End bought 1646, sold Allens farm cottage [Lees] 1666, 182
listed, 40, 186
sold Allens farmhouse [Blossom Cottage] 1768, Allens land integral part of Lane End, Combes sold Lane End to Pitfold Shotters 1770, 189
ANCHOR HOUSE [by Shottermill Ponds]
Springhead Farm cottage, 109
ARNOLD inherited Purpresture Meadow, 228
no records Wheeler's Hammer 1600s, 213
Pitfold in 1600s, 234
renderings of Shotter name 1500s, 95
ATTITUDES, local in 1600s, few records, in Civil War, local population conformist, to law, investment, witchcraft, marriage, education, 168-71
possible Shotters/Shotover Mill connexion in pre-Dissolution leases, 96
Edward James or son James held Pitfold manor 1840s-1880s, 159
held High Pitfold 1791, 204
James 1858 rent agreement with Henry White, 178
Pitfold manor boundary survey 1848, 177
Rev Henry of Linchmere bought Simmons [Pophole] Hammer lands, 148
William held Middle Pitfold 1765, start of Baker/Pitfold association, 195
at Buffbeards 1564, 40
at Deanes Farm to 1576, 82
at Lane End 1533, 41
at Tanyard cottages 1500s, at Critchmere Lane End Cottage, tanners, 41
held both Tanyard cottages c1600, high tax payers late 1500s, 202
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
Charles held smaller Tanyard cottage, 202
early local iron-workers, 127
James hammerman at Washers 1571, 79, 127
Phillipp Bardens held Sturt from Launders 1647, to Sadlers through forfeit, 218
Phillipp held Cherrimans 1629, 226
Roger bought Pitfold Mill and Lower Pitfold Farm from James Payne 1631, sold to Shotters 1641, Shotters held to 1781, 197
various at Tanyard Cottage, Lower Pitfold farm, Pitfold Mill, Sturts and Cherrimans 1600s, 129
William hammerman holds early cottage near cemetery of St Peters, 108
on acre of waste above Lion Common, dated to 1700s, first record 1661, Dickens held, to Chittys 1706, to Walkers 1717, late 1700s to mid 1800s held by Oakfords - this acre of land continuously subdivided, 245
BARLOW, held Cherrimans mid 1600s, 226
BARNARD, William married into Cherriman family 1700s, 227
BARTHOLOMEW, Richard at Wheeler's hammer 1609, 212
BAVENT de, held Pitfold Manor 1285-1344, 29
at Bridge Farm 1516-1572, 74
held Pitfold Mill after Pope family, 196
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
BELCHAMBER, Richard married into Cherriman family 1700s, 227
held cottages near Shottermill Ponds, 108
John indicted 1613 for interfering with Payne's Pitfold fulling mill, 235
BENCH (widow's). see under Widow
'Stevens' and Hamlyns from Thomas Payne 1627, 193, 195
bought Portbrewers and a parcel on Woolmer Heath from Combes of Critchmere Farm 1668, 182
briefly held the larger Tanyard cottage 1627, 202
held 'Stevens', land near Pophole, on Woolmer, Brownes and Portbrewers from Haywards, Combes and Harding families - amalgamated to form Middle Pitfold Farm, sold farm to William Baker 1765, start of Baker association with Pitfold, 195
inherit/purchase Pitfold properties, 180
John deponent in 1598 Pophole Hammer tythe dispute, 133
leaseholders of Stoatley and Lane End 1700s, 173
BERRY, 164
connected with Deacon holdings, will of John Berry 1732 - brickburners in mid 1800s on Clay Hill, 183
BICKNOLD, held High Pitfold 1727, 204
BILLINGHURST, William associated with mortgage on Wheeler's hammer, 215
BISHOP OF SALISBURY, founder planned town of Haslemere c1221, 31
BLACK DEATH and slow recovery
in Pitfold, 34
in Shulbrede Priory lands, 36
BLACKDOWN, a source of the Southern Wey, 21
BLOSSOM COTTAGE. see also Allens farm (early) and Church Lane House (later)
Combes purchase1646, sell to Morley jnr 1768, Mary Petter held 1839, 189
BONDLAND - Allens, Buffbeards, Lane End, Lower Pitfold and Sturt Farms in Farnham Manor, 38
Alice Holt and Woolmer forests, 25
County, Pitfold tything, Farnham manor and Farnham Hundred, Lion Common, 24
Linchmere manor and parish, 26
Pitfold manor, 30
Pitfold/Farnham manors, 47, 154
in Pitfold tything, surveys of 1582, 1834/5, 1848 & 1851, areas of dispute to the 1850s when established by decree, 175-79
BOWLES, John, papermaker at Critchmere Lane End Cottage 1788, 240
BOXALL [also Boxold]
at Deanes 1576-1656, 82
at Stanley Farm 1500s-1633, 125
at Stones 1600s, 80
held Brookbank from 1787 to 1860, last Boxall owner was Mary Smith, wife of Caleb Smith the papermaker 1860, 240
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
BRADFOLD, John of Haslemere, tanner, Shotter mortgage 1686, 201
Bramshott & Liphook Preservation Society, 43, 100, 118
early renderings of Shotter family name in Bramshott rolls, 92
Henry Hooke Lord of Manor, 46, 66
ponds at Waggoners Wells, 46
Stephen Harding official of Bramshott manor 1840s, 177
Berry family brickburners mid 1800s, 247
on Clay/Wey Hill early 1700s, 163
to c.1900, 247
BRIDAY [also Bryday, Breda, Brida, Blaze]
at Stones 1585-1647, 80
at Stones, smithy and Buffbeards and Old [Pophole] Hatch Cottage, 130
Blaise Briday built Shottermill forge smithy 1590, 62
Blaise Briday smithy held by Bridays to 1670, 109
early local iron-workers, 127
Edward B miller at Shotover mill, will and inventory of, held mill freehold - Edward B, 1696, held Haslemere malthouse, 103-5
BRIDGE AT HAMMER/ POPHOLE/ THREE COUNTIES, named Gyldhall Bridge 1834, 177
admission fees, 63
descent through Bedylls 1516-1572, Covers 1572-1623, Roger Shotter of Shulbrede bought 1623 for son John, known as Bridge c1630, building dated 1400s, decayed early 1600s, repair by Roger Shotter of Shulbrede 1631, 74-75
descent through Shotters to 1773, to 1864 through Combes of Frensham parish, 74-75, 184
inventory of John Shotter 1689, high status house and farm, 75
at Critchmere Lane End Cottage 1600s, 239
held part of Great Purpresture 1800s, 229
illegal cottage built by Nicholas 1639 down Linchmere Hill, 112
small farm on part of Lower Lion, 247
1734/5 Hussey divided land bought from Ralph Hall, part bought by Thos Combes of Lane End, other part kept by Hussey who built own house (later Staff of Life) on, Combes (with house later Brookbank on) sold 1735 to Jackmans of Haslemere and to his relatives Henry and Mary Jennings who forfeited £50 mortgage in 1787, to Boxall mortgagee, to Mary Boxall wife of Caleb Smith, papermaker, and eventually to John Small, Simmons son-in-law, 1860 - first ref to house on this land parcel 1735, but probably earlier, 240-41
BROOKS, Philip, transcript of Winchester Pipe Rolls, 29
BROWNE. family name of Viscounts Montague
Benifolds bought from Hardings, 195
early Pitfold manor cottage, 45
Baldwyns at middle 1500s, 39
bondland, 38
Bridays at 1580, 130
descent of from 1561 through Baldwyns, Blaise Briday, Wm Chalcraft, Wm Tribe, Sadlers of Chiddingfold - gap in Civil War records, Sadlers sold to Roger Shotter 1744, incorporated into Lane End, odd name, Fynne Hse, 230-31
held by Tribe family 1630-1744, then Sadlers, 180
listed, 35
Luffs at 1700s, 173
at Stanley Farm 1633-1755, 59
John held Bramshott manor 1840s, 177
John of Bramshott, lease of Northpark and Pophole 1730s-70s, 145-47
mortgage on Quennells' Hammer Farm, 77
provision for Linchmere paupers, 69
CAEDWALLA, 7th century master of Saxon SW Surrey, 23
derivation of name, possible, 23
name unknown to Diarist James Simmons, 19
Recreation Ground originally part of Springhead Farm, 80
turnpike road, 153
CAPES, CANON. see under Shottover Mill
CAPRON, Anthony of Easebourne, bought High Building estate 1793, 86
CATTESHALL, fulling mill, 50
CAUSEY END [now Clouds Hill]
smallholding in Linchmere - not detailed here, 83
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
Roger of Danley Farm, 68
William of Bramshott, at Hammer Farm, 77
William of Buffbeards indicted 1613 for interfering with Payne's Pitfold fulling mill, 235
birch and alder favoured, 125
burning on Lion Common 1800s, 162
use of in iron making, 119
CHERRIMAN (family)
Elizabeth married Henry Shotter of Haslemere, two Cherriman heiresses died young having married a Barnard and a Belchamber, 227
occupier of Stones c1650, 80
William, tanner of Petersfield, bought both Tanyard cottages 1674 and 1693, held to 1760s, 202
CHERRIMANS (property)
descent through Hudsons, Pooles and Bardens to 1700 when purchased by William Cherriman, tanner of Petersfield, who also held tanhouse - descent through Cherriman family to Thomas Cherriman 1765 when sold to Simmons, 226
mortgaged by Richard Wheeler 1617, sold off 1621, 214-16
Phillipp Bardens at, 1600s, 129
purpresture land, 38
Wheelers had on perpetual lease from 1574, 226
glass industry, 96
Roman villa, 22
possible tenant 1685 of new Watts farmhouse [now Watchers], 92
held Bargate/Old Cottage 1706, 245
John & William, millers at Shottover Mill 1721, 105
Oliver granted Lynchmere Cottage in Linchmere Marsh 1575, 111
CHURCH FARM [Linchmeres]
acquired in part by Combes family, 184
early Lay Subsidies, 28
in Linchmere - not detailed here, 83
CHURCH LANE HOUSE. see also Allens Farm and Blossom Cottage
Shulbrede Priory Land in 1608 Valuation, 26
attendance at Frensham church 7 miles away, 45, 64
Linchmere, poverty of small churches in Chichester Archdeanery, ministers and parishioners' neglect, unlettered churchwardens, gifts to poor, 67
includes subsidiary tything of Pitfold, 18, 25
CHUTER, bought Moorey's cottage on Lion Cottage 1849, built Linton cottage on, 244
local effects of, Quennells and Royalist force, 65
Montague's Cowdray estate sequestered, 57
Springhead mortgage terms re quartering of soldiers, 81
taxation in, 169
cottages on in early 1800s, brickfields and kilns there to c1900, Crown & Cushion there 1861, 247-48
source of brick clay, 18
CLOUDS HILL, acquired by Combes family 1700s, 184
COBB, Mary at Critchmere Lane End Cottage to 1788, 239
COBDEN, Matthew of Haslemere
Heralds Visitation, Distraint of Knighthood, 194
COLDWASHERS. see under Washers
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
Jane of Reeks Reynolds, 68
COMBE [land atte/a]
land of John a Combe, Pitfold manor land 1549, 42
was Critchmere farm, 181
in Nutcombe Valley, 178
COMBERS/CUMBERS/CUMBERRYS, rental expressed in terms of sheep, 44
at Develyns and Brownes 1549, 45
at Lane End 1615, 41
descent Combes family holdings of Critchmere, Lane End, Allens and Sturt Farm, also Lees Cottage, Brookbank and parts of Gt. Purpresture in Farnham & Pitfold manors for 300 years from 1500s, 181-90
Great Purpresture part (3 acre close) bought 1712, 229
held also lands of Helders and Downes and cottages of Helders and Develyns in 1600s called 'parcel of Combes', divided into two Combes Farms of 'Critchmere' and 'Lane End' in 1600s, 182
held Linchmere land in 1700s-1800s, in 1864 Bridge Farm, also Church Farm, Woodmancote, Mill Tavern land and Clouds Hill, Critchmere Combes disappear as Pitfold landowners in 1820s, 184
John a Combe at Critchmere Farm 1549 where Pitfold manor courts held, 42
Lane End Combes holdings divided up, Lane End and Allens continues as one farm, Great Purpresture to younger son, 184
Lane End sold to Shotters, 185
Nicholas held 'Little High Pitfold' 1549, 183
Portbrewers and Woolmer land sold to Benifolds, 195
Richard and Stephen held cottages in Nutcombe 1800s, 248
Stephen in Nutcombe, 178
Sturt Farm bought from Sadlers and held to 1752, 221
Thomas (last) of Critchmere Farm died 1826, 249
Thomas at Bridge 1773-1864, inherited from Shotters, 75
Thomas of Lane End bought Brookbank land and house in 1735 for son, sold to Jackman of Haslemere, 240
COMBESWELL, Roman finds, 22
Bishop's commons in Pitfold, 175
encroachment on and illegal use of in Pitfold, 178
illegal cottage building on, stripping turf from 1600s/1700s, 179
Linchmere commons sold to Lynchmere Society 1999, 58
Linchmere manor, areas of commons and waste, 107
rights of, Linchmere Manor offenders and penalties, misuse of, 66
rights, misuse on Surrey side, 172
two cottages on Lion Common - see Moorey's and James Harding's cottages, 238
Contents, 9
Shotters at, 95
COOPER, held Pitfold Mill 1500s, 196
COOPER, Rev TS, author of 'History of Chiddingfold'
Brydays blacksmithing, 130
Schurterre/Shotter/Shorter families, 96
bones of local history, 60
copy court roll, proof of title, 79
customs, inheritance undisturbed after Dissolution, often in trade, 166
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
in Shulbrede Priory at Dissolution, 28, 71
investors, fees, 59
Linchmere manor restatement of inheritance customs 1699, 184
perpetual leases issued in Farnham manor, 34
rules of inheritance, 58
sale of manorial land, documentation, 185
CORNELIUS, inherited Purpresture Meadow mid 1700s, 228
CORNER COTTAGE near Shottermill Ponds
built 1762 by John Tribe, 111
COTCHETS FARM, a source of the Southern Wey, 21
COTTAGES in Linchmere manor
early cottages in Linchmere manor, 107-12
COTTAGES in Pitfold Tything
Brownes, Develyns, tenement of Nicholas Combes, 1549, 45
early on Lion Common, three on the Wey near Shottover Mill (ie Critchmere Lane End Cottage, now gone under the railway, and two Tanyard cottages), 41
Surrey side/Pitfold cottages 1600s on, nucleus of Shottermill hamlet to late 1800s, 162, 238-50
COURTS. Augmentation, Exchequer, Assize, Farnham Hundred, Manor
held in trust by Thomas Payne the Younger in 1623/4 will, 194
at Bridge 1572-1623, 74
at Gilham's Farm 1528-1659, 75
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
inventory of Roger Cover, 73
Nicholas of Bridge, deponent in 1598 Pophole Hammer tythe dispute, 133
Thomas, cottage near Bridge, 110
William of Bramshott at Hammer Farm 1741-67, 77
COVERS [Linchmere manor land]
not detailed here, 83
Richard Michener, 1633 will, 62, 69
COWDRAY HOUSE/ESTATE. see also under Linchmere Manor
destroyed by fire, 57
principal seat of the Montagues, 56
sequestered in Civil War, 57
land atte Cruche, derivation, 42
cottages on, 1700s/1800s, owned by Petters, 248-49
early cottages on waste at common's edge, 164
now Deepdene, 42
part of Farnham manor, 30
CRITCHMERE FARM. see later history under Frensham Hall [Farm]
absorbed Person's land, estate map, 182
included small parcels of Portbrewers and on Woolmer Heath, sold 1668 to Benifolds, 182
John a Combe at, 1549, 42
Pitfold Manor Courts held at, 42, 181
Royal Oak and Kiln Cottage part Critchmere Farm, 249
sold to Edward James Baker 1826, 185
CRITCHMERE LANE END COTTAGE [bottom of Shottermill St, now gone under railway embankment]
Baldwyns at, 1562, 41
descent to Baldwyns' Bridger kin, William Tamplin at 1662, John Glover charcoal burner at 1712, Ralph Hall at 1718 with half acre up Shottermill St, 1732 divided land part to Israel Hussey (see Brookbank), part to Mary Cobb held until 1788, then John Bowles paper maker, William Madgwicks from 1809, last holder John Timms, house demolished 1850s when rail embankment built, 239-40
CRUCHE, land atte. see Critchmere
CURTIS. see Lane End Farm
at Lane End Farm 1400s, 40
DALLAWAY. see under Shottover Mill
DANLEY FARM [Linchmere]
not detailed here, 83
Roger Chalcraft indicted in Archdeaconry Court, 68
Saxon name Hogvogdens, 23
connexion with Pitfold manorial tenants, 181
held Pitfold/Dertford/Dutford manor, 1362 till Dissolution, 30
monetary value at Dissolution, 30
paid See of Winchester to collect Pitfold manor rents, 48
DEACON, Pitfold holdings, 1740 will of William Deacon, 183
DEANES ALS DEANESHOUSE [Linchmere land parcel]
Baldwyns and Boxalls at till 1656, William Boxall of Badshot at, land divided, Willards at part, Uptons re-unite 1675, Simmons bought 1763, 82-83
Uptons bought 1670s, 64
in manors of Farnham and Linchmere, 33
map of Montague's demesne coppice lands, 1650, 62
Montagues' demesne farm, 56
DENNING, seasonal grazing of cattle and swine, 23
early Pitfold manor land parcel, Combes at 1549, 45
part Combes family holdings in 1600s, 182
DIARY [1831-68] of James Simmons III
entries re boundaries, 18, 177
held Bargate/Old Cottage 1661, 245
Roger Shotter quitclaimed 1697, 61
copyholders in Priory and Manor of Linchmere, 71
holdings of Dartford Priory, 30
holdings of Shulbrede Priory, 26-28
official returns of Shulbrede Priory possessions 1536, 60
DOMESDAY [1086], 25
settlement in Pitfold at, 24
six corn mills in Farnham Hundred at, 46
early local ironworkers, 127
Helders and Downes part of Combes family holding 1600s, 182
top part of A287 Hindhead Road, 178
gifted Stanley Farm to Shulbrede Priory 1248, 28
mistaken for Dutford/Dertford [Dartford] Priory, ie Pitfold manor, 118
Linchmere manor court rolls, financial information in, 56
prosperity in early 1600s - 'Rebuilding of England', 83
sheep husbandry, 44
slow recovery after Black Death, 35
start of cash economy, repeal act prohibiting lending money on interest 1571, credit, interest rates, borrowing, mortgages, forfeitures, fees, quit rent, in Linchmere manor, mortgage funders from Haslemere 1600s/1700s, Francis Jackman of Thursley End, admission fees to property, 62-64
subsistence economy replaced by cash, 55
subsistence in Middle Ages, 31
EDE, in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
EDINGTON, John miller at Shottover mill 1587, 102
EDUCATION, literacy increasing, yeoman sons to University, Midhurst & Guildford Grammar Schools established 1600s, of Hoad daughters, 171
EGMONT, Earl of, 1843-1905. see Linchmere manor
ENCLOSURES, in 1850s, 175, 176, 177, 179, 238
ENCROACHMENTS (illegal), in Pitfold, 178, 179
ETHERINGTON, William, inventory, 73
FAMINE, severe in 1315, 32
Bennetts at Lane End & Stoatley, Luffs at Buffbeards, Randalls and Madgwicks, 173
farming practices and new techniques, cereals, fodder, cattle, sheep, 72-73
FARMS. in Farnham manor - Sturt, Great Purpresture, Lane End, Lower Pitfold, Allens, Buffbeards:in Pitfold manor - land a Combe or Critchmere Farm, atte Cruche, Combers/Cumberrys, Portbrewers, Hamlyns, Stevens and High Pitfold:in Linchmere manor - Bridge, Gilhams, Hammer, Watts, Washers, Stones, Springhead, Deanes, Stanley, Danley, Church, Priory, Highbuilding, Reeks Reynolds & Fridayes, Goldhorks, and smallholdings of Causey End and Covers
at Springhead Farm
John (1632) agreement 'to fell and coale (charcoal) all woods, underwoods and trees', John (1634) agreement coppicing timber, 62
Richard (1570) fined for illegal felling, 61
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
Thomas inventory 1610, 80
boundaries, 24
Churt & Pitfold tythings in 1600s/1700s from the Hundred Courts, sheep stealing, building illegal cottages on commons by Newmans, illegal stripping of turf from commons, 234-36
fulling mills, 50
indictment in Court re Pitfold fulling mill 1615, 108
officers/ jurors, yeomen not cottagers, 166
six corn mills at Domesday, 46
bondwork abolished, 38
boundaries, Pitfold S part of, owned by See of Winchester, 25, 47
bounds of Farnham/Pitfold manors, 154, 175-79
cottages in, 162
demesne lands, 33
fulling mills, 44
manor of Pitfold carved out 1285, 29
manor records missing in Civil War period, 217
mediaeval trends, 30-33
perpetual leases issued, 34
rolls 1500s-1900s, 38
Shotter, William of Highbuilding manor official, 86
FEES. see under Economy/Financial affairs
alehouse suppressed 1642, 68
Roman tileworks, 22
Shotters at Cooksbridge, 95
Sturtmore in, 64
FIELDER, Richard bought Shottover mill c1723, insures Shottover mill and new house 1723, at mill to 1778, 64, 105
FIGGE, 198
FITZWILLIAM, Sir William, Earl of Southampton. see Linchmere manor
FORD, at Mooreys cottage on Lion Common 1740, 244
FOREY, at cottage later Staff of Life 1835, 242
FRENSHAM HALL [Farm]. see under Critchmere Farm to early 1800s
church 7 miles from Shottermill, 45, 64
early incumbents' attitude, 168
historical extent, 35
Thomas Payne of Pitfold joint Lord of Manor with Peter Quennell of Imbhams, 195
FULLING & FULLING MILLS, 21, 44, 48, 49, 50, 99, 194, 196
referred to in 1536 Ministers Account for Linchmere manor, location unknown, 100
GENTLEMAN. see Social Class
GEOGRAPHY/GEOLOGY of Shottermill area, 20-22
GILHAMS FARM [Linchmere manor land parcel], Covers at in Priory time 1528-1659, in decay early 1600s, records cease mid 1600s, 1771 on map of Cowdray demesne farms, Gilhams family leaseholders mid 1600s, Rapley a leaseholder 1682 indicted for overflowing Hammer farm land, 75-76
GILL, held two cottages on waste at apex of Lion Common 1840s, 246
GLASIER, at Moorey's Cottage on Lion Common 1740, 244
GLOVER, John, charcoal burner, at Critchmere Lane End Cottage 1712, 239
GOLDHORKS [Linchmere manor land parcel]
George Willard 1634, 62
in decay, Willard inventories and description of farmhouse 1623 & 1661, 71
divided in 1600s, 211
location, 38
mortgaged by Richard Wheeler 1617, 214
parts purchased 1712 by Combes of Lane End from Tamplins, 183, 190
Rapleys hold in 1600s, 180
sold by Rapleys to Wests of Roundhurst 1665, 228
sold by Wheelers to Edward Rapley of Linchmere 1636, 217
three closes bought by Tamplins from West, by 1673 on death of Richard West only Purpresture meadow remained of the 18 acres, meadow went through Arnolds, Jackmans, Cornelius to Simmons family, one Tamplins close went to Hoad 1686 and then to Simmons, the other two to the Combes and Bridgers, 228
two closes bought by the Hoads of Sickle Mill, 223
Wheelers at 1500s, 39
Wheelers hold on perpetual lease from 1500s at least, 208
GREENAWAY, held brewhouse on west side of waste at apex of Lion Common 1782, Marden of The Lion bought 1860s, Greenaways also held cottage on east side , probably Mellow Cottage, 1813, 235
GREENE, William & John millers at Shottover mill 1639, 103
GREENE'S COTTAGE, in Linchmere manor, 110
grinding Haslemere corn at Godalming & Eashing mills, 65
Hugh and family, broommakers, held cottage on waste at apex of Lion Common from 1797, Christopher Lee funded mortgage on, 246
Ralph at Critchmere Lane End Cottage 1718 - in 1730 divided his land, part to Husseys and part to dau Mary Cobb, possible connexion between Hall family and New or Halls Mill, 239
Benifolds had from Paynes, 195
early Pitfold manor land parcel, later part Middle Pitfold Farm, 43
HAMMER FARM [Linchmere manor parcel of Poppehale/Pophole NOT land where Hammer built], 44
in 1296 lay subsidy, Quennells at 1536-1741, in decay 1622, mortgaged to Butlers 1675, Quennell inventories & value of farm, Covers of Bramshott at 1741-1767, Lashams to 1846, William Chalcraft of B'shott to 1864, yeomanry sword, 77
Alice brought Lane End to to Thomas Combes 1615, Bartholomew held 'Brownes' 1549, early clothier family, 182
at Lane End 1540-1615, 41, 182
at Stones 1520-85, 79
Bartholomew of Lane End fenced off public well in 1600s, 234
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
James had carpenter's and timber dealer's shop on corner of Lion Common from 1813, 243
John papermaker at Lees Cottage 1821, 189
spring at Barford leased by Wheelers to Hardings, 210
Stephen 1799 at cottage in Shottermill St, later the post office, 242
Stephen official of Bramshott manor, 177
HASLEMERE [Shottermill became part in 1933]
histories of, origins different from Shottermill, 17
Old Haslemere and Church Lidden in 1608 Valuation, 26
planned town 1221, early settlement at Peperhams, 31
relationship with Shottermill, 64-65
Roman-British settlement, 22
Tuesday market, 164
HASLEMERE PARISH, Sturt included in Tything of Pitfold, 24
HATCH HILL. see High Building
held smaller tanyard cottage, 202
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
Robert, bellows maker, 129
William at Popmore 1567 & 1654, 62, 112
HEADLEY (Hampshire)
Alleyns at, 40
Standford water mill, 49
Stevens alias atte Legh, 43
Wakener family, 46
HELDERS [land and cottage in Pitfold], part of Combes' holdings in 1600s, 182
HIGH BUILDING [Linchmere manor land parcel of Parrys & Hurlands & Hatch Hill]
admission fees, 63
in Shotter hands from fourteenth century to 1793, house enlarged 1687, on 1650 map of Montague demesne coppice lands, Northpark furnace set up on lands of in 1614, Shotter/ Montague agreement for ironworks, 84-90
Philipp de Hurlonde paid taxes 1200s/1300s, 28
Shotter inventories for Highbuilding 1586, 1689 & 1706, 86-90
sold to Anthony Capron of Easebourne 1793, 86
listed, 35, 205
Lutyens designed barns, 205
Paynes held prior to 1549, Benifolds inherited 1627, Bicknolds held by 1727, in 1772 in Shotter hands (estate map), by 1791 in Baker hands, 204-5
Wakefords at 1549, 43
HILMAN, Constance, at Wheeler's hammer 1609, 212
crossroads & A287 in manor boundary problem, 175-76
romantic Victorian view, 20
at Sickle Mill to 1736 when daughters sell, inventory of Sickle Mill House, 223-26
contribution to Free & Voluntary Present, 221
education of daughters, 170
Gregory, miller at Shottover Mill 1699, 105
Hoads buy hammer from Rapley in 1649, Hoads Elder and Younger work hammer to 1712, leat to hammer, agreement between Bardens/ Sadlers and Hoads/ Sadlers, 217-20
Hoads Elder and Younger making sickles, 220-21
inventory of Thomas Hoade, 73
ironworkers, 141
John, wheelwright, supplied mortgage for Pond Cottage, 108
purchase small closes on Great Purpresture near Sickle Mill, 223
Rose, signed name, 69
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
HOGVOGDENS, early Saxon name of Danley Farm, 23
HOOKE, Henry, Lord of Bramshott manor early 1600s, 46, 66, 145
held Washers at 1537, 78
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
HUDSON, held Cherrimans 1600s, 226
HUGHES, William & Richard of Bramshott manor 1651, 66
HURLONDE/HURLAND. see under High Building
HUSBANDMAN. see Social Class
Israel a hammerman 1714, 145
Israel bought part of Halls' Critchmere Lane End Cottage land in 1730, 239
Israel sold part (Brookbank built on), kept part, Staff of Life built on, to 1767, 240
illustrations, list of, 10
ironworks in Civil War, 65
Quennells not same as at Pophole Hammer, 77
INVENTORY, 1500s-1700s, 44, 59, 62, 71, 72, 73-74, 75, 77, 80, 85, 86-90, 92, 103-5, 167, 173, 223-26, 242
IRELAND, Thomas of Watts, deponent in 1598 Pophole Hammer tythe dispute, 133
IRON INDUSTRY. see also Pophole Hammer, Imbhams & Sickle Mill
at Passfield, 46
Barden, James and Pelham, Charles at Washers, 79
early ironworkers in Linchmere manor cottages, 107-9
Imbhams in Civil War, 65
local attitude to alien iron workers, 65
Montague connexion Pophole & Northpark, 57
Northpark furnace built 1614 on Shotter holding of Highbuilding, Montague/ Shotter agreement for Northpark 1626, 84-85
Northpark ironworks confused with Shottover corn mill, 97-98
ore sources, 21
Paynes of Pitfold, association with, 144
Shotters buy Watts farm 1610 excluding Pophole Hammer, 92
smithy at Shottermill built, Blaise Briday c1590, 62, 109
Wheelers built hammer later Sickle Mill early 1600s, 209
bought Brookbank from Combes 1735, descended through Jackmans to Jennings carpenters until 1787, 240-41
carpenter, 167
Francis of Thursley End mortgage funder, 63, 79
inherited Purpresture meadow, 228
JAMES, Rachel wife of Roger Shotter IV, 200
JARLET[T]/GARRETT, early local ironworkers, 127
JENNINGS, held Brookbank after Jackmans to 1787 when forfeited £50 mortgage, 240
KERVELL, at leasehold cottage near Arnold's garage, 112
KILN COTTAGE, dated to 1600s, part Combes' Critchmere Farm, sold to Stephen Pannell 1826 on death of last Thomas Combes, odd kiln, use uncertain, 164, 248
KINGETT, Thomas at Lees Cottage c1719, 188
KINGSWOOD, on border of Pitfold manor with Bramshott, 24, 176
LANAWAY, Henry, inventory at Lynchmere Cottage, 73
LANDLORD/TENANT STSTEM, in Farnham manor, 32
acquired 1615 by Thomas Combes through marriage to Harding heir, 182
Bennetts lease of 1700s, 173
bondland, 38
descent through Curtis, Popes, Baldwyns and Hardings to Combes, at 1615, 40-41
public well, 1600s, 234
to Roger Shotter V, 1770, along with Allens farm which was then an integral part, 185-86
will of Thomas Combes 1696, 184
LARBIE/LARBY, early local ironworkers, 127
LASHAM, at Hammer Farm 1767-1846, 77
bought Sturt excluding hammer, 1640 from Rapley, 217
sold Sturt to Bardens, 218
LAY SUBSIDIES. see under Taxes
LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, of more profit to Lord of the Manor, 112
at Lees Cottage 1765-1821, 189
mortgage on Halls cottage on waste at apex of Lion Common by Christopher Lee, 246
LEES COTTAGE [Farnham manor]
listed, 35, 188
sold by Combes of Lane End 1666, descent through Tamplins, Stoneham, Shotters, Shepherd, Kingett, Lee and Harding families, 187-89
LEGH [atte]. see under Stevens
LETTERS PATENT issued by Crown. see under Shottover Mill
LICENCE TO DEMISE [sublet], in Farnham manor, 32
Combes family hold Linchmere lands 1700s-1800s, 184
copyhold customs and finances, population, 58-59
copyholders in Priory time, 60
decayed buildings, 36
demesne lands, 33, 56
descent through Earl of Southampton, Anthony Browne, later Viscounts Montague, Eliz.Mary Browne & Stephen Poyntz, daughters, Earl Egmont 1843, Sir Weetman Pearson, Viscount Cowdray 1909, 56-58
early cottages in manor, 107-12
early ironworkers in manor cottages, 107-9
farms in Wey Valley, 74-83
farms outside Wey Valley, 83
Gilhams part of Montague's demesne, 75-76
historical boundary, 26
improvements to buildings, 'Rebuilding of England', 83
in Civil War, 57, 65
indictment of Richard Wheeler of Wheeler's hammer, 213
manor court penalties, 66
manor court rolls 1545-1890, tenants, 56
map of Montague's coppice lands 1650, 62
Northpark furnace, 84-85
paupers, 68
Pophole Hammer, 92
Shotter holdings, 84-93
Shottover mill not included in Linchmere manor at Dissolution, 99
size of farms 1536 & 1545, 71
smithy at Shottermill, 109
succeeded Shulbrede Priory, 56
tenants' finances, 62
waste & common in manor, 107
boundaries, 26
church, 68
parishioners' inventories, 69
Roman coin hoard, 22
charcoal burning 1600s/1800s, 162
early cottage on, common divided into Upper and Lower, 41
early cottages on waste at common's apex, 164
encroachment on Lower Lion Common by Tamplins, 228, 229-30, 238
extent, derivation, 24
Farnham manor land, 30
Lower Lion part of Bridger's small farm, 247
was area of waste (Lion Lane) above apex with cottages on, see Bargate, Halls, Petters and Greenaways, 243-47
LISTED BUILDINGS, 35, 40, 44, 111, 139, 186, 188, 202, 205, 221, 222, 227, 230, 240, 241
increasing in 1600s, 170
Rose Hoad signed name 1645, 69
held by Nicholas Combes 1549, 183
Bardens at 1600s, 129
bondland, 38
descent through Shotters, the 1660s Shotter house built there named 'Hillside', 198-200
from Thomas Payne younger to brother James 1627, to Roger Barden along with Pitfold Mill 1631, to Roger Shotter I of Pitfold 1641, 197-98
Paynes at 1537 & 1571, 194
Pope family at 1300s-1500s, Paynes at 1537, 40, 47, 48
Shotters [re]built farmhouse 1660s, later known as Manor House, 40
LUFF, at Buffbeards 1700s, 173
LUTYENS, designed barns at High Pitfold Farm, 205
in Linchmere Marsh, granted to Chittys 1575, 111
inventory of Henry Lanaway & William Etherington, 73
bought Lynchmere, Marley & Stanley Commons, 58
local leaseholders, 173
William elder and younger at Critchmere Lane End Cottage 1809, 240
absorbed part Washers into Springhead, 78
at Springhead 1699-1781, 59, 78, 81, 82
in Haslemere, 104
near Bridge Farm, 62, 112
MANORS. see under Bramshott, Farnham, Linchmere, Pitfold [Dartford/ Dertford /Pitfold], Frydinghurst
Baker estate map Critchmere Farm 1820s, 181
Frensham tythe map 1839, 154, 164
Linchmere tythe map 1846, 71, 112, 148
Montague's coppice land 1650, 62, 84
Montague's demesne land 1771, 76, 155
Rocque of Surrey 1768, 145, 165
Shotter estate map High Pitfold Farm 1772, 204
maps, list of, 11
occupied High Pitfold Farm, 204
William at cottage later Staff of Life 1767-95, Mardens victuallers at Red Lion and Frensham Pond Hotel mid 1800s, 242
MARLEY, 23, 28, 58
MARSHE, Henry held Pitfold Mill, made alterations 1578, 196
MICHENER/MICHINALL, Richard at Covers 1632, will 1633, 62
early constituent land parcels, Benifolds amalgamated into Middle Pitfold Farm, sold to Wm Baker 1765, Pitfold Rental, 1727, describes as land only, Portbrewers probably Middle Pitfold Farmhouse, 43, 195-96
MILL TAVERN. see under Stones
MILLS. see New Mill, Pitfold Mill [1345 to 1900s on Critchmere Lane originally FULLING mill, later leather, paper, etc], Saxon corn mill at Pophalle/Pitfold, Sickle Mill, Shottover corn mill, Fulling mill - unknown referred to in Shulbrede Priory lands at Dissolution
MILLS, Joseph bought Washers 1671, 62
Pitfold manor 1549, 30, 42, 43, 44, 45, 49, 177, 180, 181
Shulbrede Priory 1536, 71, 77, 95, 99, 140
MONTAGUE, Viscounts Cowdray, family name Browne, 33, 58, 99. see also Linchmere manor
Cowdray House burnt, 57, 116
Roman Catholic & Royalist, 57, 66
Edward, the 'Royal' broom-maker, on Clay/Wey Hill 1800s, 247
held Pond Cottage early 1700s, 111
Richard licensee of Royal Oak 1839, 250
William on Lower Lion, 230, 244
MOOREY'S COTTAGE on Lion Common, on site of present Coop, from 1667 held by 4 generations of Chitty family, 1733 to Hannah Bennett local midwife, 1740 to Glasiers and Fords, 1771 to Roe family, 1809 to Richard Moorey, broommaker and farmer, 1822 to Wm Moorey, to Chuters in 1849 who built Linton Cottage on site, 244
MORLEY, John at Blossom Cottage 1768, 189
MORTGAGES. see under Economy/ Financial affairs
James of Tanyard Cotts, 80
James presented to Hundred Court for encroaching on Pitfold Mill land 1634, 235
James, Haslemere tanner, held larger Tanyard cottage named 'Le Tanhouse' 1629, to 1674 when sold to William Cherriman, 202
NEALE, Shotter family connexion, 200
NEW MILL, built on northern part Washers land, 78
NEWMAN, building illegal cottages on Churt common, 235
cottages of Richard & Stephen Combes 1800s, 248
cottages on 1727 Pitfold Rental, 165, 248
name, 42
Pitfold manor boundary problems, 176-78
ponds, 248
OAKFORD, held Bargate/ Old Cottage with acre land (much subdivided) late 1700s/ mid 1800s, Robert paper-maker witness to Wm Simmons' will, Hannah pauper water carrier, brother William a shepherd, 246
OATH OF PROTESTATION, Linchmere returns, 66, 131, 170
OLD [POPHOLE] HATCH COTTAGE, Bridays at 1600s, 130
PANNELL, Stephen bought Kiln Cottage 1826, 249
Bowles, John of Critchmere Lane End Cottage 1788, 240
Harding, Abraham of Barford 1779, 210
Harding, John of Lees Cottage 1821, 189
Oakford, Robert of Bargate/Old Cottage, 246
Smith, Caleb of Brookbank, 241
PARRYS & HURLANDS [Linchmere manor land parcel, later High Building]. see under High Building
PARSON, Pitfold manor steward 1840s, 177
at Hamlyns 1549, 43
at Lower Pitfold Farm 1537, 48
at Tanyard Cottages 1500s, 41
connected to Wheeler family by marriage, 208, 210
Elizabeth wife of Thomas the Younger lost widow's rights, 197
gentlemen in Pitfold early 1600s, 61
held Pitfold land under early perpetual lease, 34
High Pitfold Farm from Paynes to Benifolds 1627, 204
holdings of Hamlyns and Stevens went to Benifold relatives 1627, 195
in Pitfold 1500s-1638, left for Elstead, 1593/4 headed list of taxpayers, in Farnham manor held Lower Pitfold Farm, Pitfold Mill, Tanyard Cotts, in Pitfold manor High Pitfold, Hamlyns and Stevens, 193-94
ironworking, association with, 144
James sold in 1631 Mill & Lower Pitfold farm to Roger Barden, ironworker, Barden sold in 1641 to Roger Shotters of Pitfold who held to 1781, 197-98
James, tax collector Elstead in Civil War, 169
Lower Pitfold Farm to James 1627, 197
Pitfold mill descent from Popes, Bedylls, Coopers, Marshe to Paynes, in 1594 alterations possibly from fulling to skin dressing, to James Payne in 1627, 196
Stevens to Benifolds 1627, Lower Pitfold Farm held by Paynes 1571, bought Mill in 1579, held lease of Shottover Mill 1582/3 to early 1600s, held Courts Hill in trust in 1623/4, Gentlemen, Distraint of Knighthood and Heralds Visitations 1623, acted for Frensham parish in 1608 Valuation, 194-95
Tanyard Cottages brief connexion, 202-3
Thomas the Elder of Pitfold, will 1638, 184, 195
Thomas the Younger supplied Richard Wheeler with large mortgage on his holdings, 214-16
Thomas the Younger, case against for stealing a piglet dismissed 1612, 234
Thomas, joint Lord of Frydinghurst manor with Peter Quennell of Imbhams, 195
Thomas, lease of Shottover mill 1583, 100-102
Thomas, reply to his complaint about maintenance of pond 1584, 125
PEARSON, Sir Weetman. see under Linchmere manor
mobility in Linchmere parish, 60
rise of the yeoman peasant aristocracy, 55
Charles, ironworker at Washers, 79, 127
early cottage, possibly near site of Ramblers, 108
in Linchmere manor courts, 66
re Shottover mill, 99-105
PEPERHAMS, early Haslemere settlement, 31
PERIGO, early local ironworkers, 127
at Cumbers/Cumberrys 1549, 42
Critchmere farm absorbed Richard Person's land, 181
Thomas of Watts Farm
donation to poor 1570, 67
indicted 1609 for illegal lopping, 61
maintenance of boundary hedge, 126
sold to Shotters 1610, 92
Thomas, inventory 1570, 44
bought cottages on waste at apex of Lion Common, to Gills in 1840s, 246
Mary held Blossom Cottage 1839, 189
owned cottages on Critchmere Common 1800s, 248
PIPE ROLLS. see Winchester
PITFOLD FARM. see under Lower, Middle and High Pitfold Farms
PITFOLD hamlet name superseded by Shottermill, 18
evidence, 160
Baker 1858 rent agreement with Henry White, 178
boundary details, surveys of and disagreements, inhabitants paid 2d to Bishop for use of his commons, 175-76
bounds, 30, 47
Brownes, Develyns and cottages in, 45
courts held at house of John a Combe, ie Critchmere Farm, 181
created 1285, held by de Bavents to 1344, by Dartford Priory to Dissolution, 29
Crown held until 1562, White and Kerton to 1566 when 'mnr of Pytfold Dertford als Highe Pitfolde', 159
early cottages above Critchmere Common, Kiln Cottage, Royal Oak, in Nutcombe, on Woolmer, Helders, 1727 Pitfold Rental, 164
farms in, Manor courts held at Critchmere Farm, 1727 rental, 42-45
info 1549 and 1727, 181
Middle Pitfold Farm, 43
Minister's Account for 1549, 30, 42, 43
monetary value, 30
Montagues held at 1566, 57, 119, 159
Poyntz to 1831, 159, 176
Pritchards at 1831, Bakers 1840s-1880s, 159
rolls lost, 30, 42, 160
See of Winchester collecting rents of 1534, 48
sometimes Dutford/Dertford manor, 118, 159
PITFOLD MILL. built 1345 as FULLING mill on Critchmere Lane by the Pope family; old Mill on Critchmere Lane 1300s-1900s, built as fulling mill, later used for leather, paper etc. For early Saxon corn mill see under SAXON
Bardens at 1600s, 129
bought 1579 by Paynes, 194
built c1345 by Pope family who held 1300s/1400s, on Critchmere Lane to 1970s, poss. change of use to skin dressing, 40, 45, 46-48
descent through Popes, Bedylls, Cooper, Marshe to Paynes in 1579, alterations to mill of unknown character but possibly went from fulling to processing of skins, went to James Payne in 1627 on death of Thomas the Younger, 196
descent through the Shotters, 198-200
described as Payne's fulling mill in 1615, 125
Elizabeth Payne lost widow's rights for illegal felling, James Payne sold 1641 (with Lower Pitfold Farm) to Roger Barden ironworker, Barden sold 1641 to Roger Shotter first of Pitfold, five Roger Shotters of Pitfold held to 1781, 197
Tanner family at 1421, mill decayed, 49
PITFOLD TYTHING [usually tything of Churt including Pitfold]
area between Hindhead and Wey, including Sturt Farm, 18, 24
at Domesday, 25
Black Death, slow recovery, 31
boundaries, first reference AD965, 24
cottages from 1600s, 238-50
early personal names, 46
historical name superseded by Shottermill, 18, 162
in the Courts 1600s-1700s, 234-36
lay subsidies, 28
location of early settlements, cottages and farms, 38-46
Saxon corn mill, early community, 24
sheepfold sale 1244, bondwork abolished, 36
social scene, 166-71
POLECAT VALLEY, part of Pitfold manor boundary problem, 175-79
POND COTTAGE near Shottermill Ponds, held by John & Elizabeth [née Moorey] Baker early 1700s, to John Tribe 1758, mortgage of £8 for 30 years from John Hoad, 111
PONTISSARA Bishop of Winchester. see Winchester
POOLE, held Cherrimans mid 1600s, 226
POOR AND AGED, treatment in Linchmere 1600s, accommodation for paupers, widows bench, provision for parents, provision for paupers by Shotters, Butlers & Woodmans 1600s, 68-69
at Lane End, 41, 49
at Lower Pitfold Farm, 48
at Sturt Farm, 39, 49
descent of Pitfold fulling mill from Pope family on, 196
held Popes Reeds 1384, held Linchmere parcel called Poppehale (later Hammer farm) in 1200s/1300s, and Lower Pitfold Farm, 47
held Saxon corn mill 1300s and built Pitfold fulling mill c1345, 46
in Haslemere 1500s, 49
later history of family, 48
origin of name Pophole, 117
Barden and Pelham ironworkers 1571-2, 78
early local ironworkers - Perigo, Larbies, Pelhams, Bardens, Bridays, Jarletts, Doogoynes, Turkes als Tamplins, Hoads and lands they bought, Oath of Protestation, literacy of iron workers, evidence from lay subsidies, 126-32
Hammer Cottages, 139-41
copyhold of Hammer and lands to Jas Simmons III for relinquishing of annuity to holder of Watts, 147-49
history of start up of hammer, 1574 List shows a Montague ironworks but queried whether hammer or furnace, 1588, Pophole a confirmed hammer, 122-26
location, records, Montague connexion, 115-17
management by John Butler of Bramshott 1730s-70s, 145-47
on land of Watts Farm not Hammer Farm, 77
origins in name of Pope family, in Linchmere rolls records under Linchmere Wattmans & Elliotts [Watts] not Pophole [Hammer Farm], 1605 dispute acc Capes - for Dureford Abbey see Dertford Priory [Dartford Kent owned Pitfold manor 1566-Dissolution], 117-19
Pophole in 1700s, revival of Northpark furnace and Pophole hammer by John Butler of Bramshott to 1770s, 145-47
seventeenth century accounts, use of old iron, John Shepherd new hammerman, financial compensation for Surrey side, poss. Thos Payne assocciation with ironworking, 142-45
Shotter ironworking association, 139
technology, bloomeries, water-powered blast furnaces, casting guns and pig iron, cast iron properties different from bloomery wrought iron, water-powered hammers re-converted to iron fashionable by smiths, 119-22
Tythe Dispute 1598, deponents Cover of Bridge, Quennell of Hammer Farm, Thos Ireland of Watts where hammer working, details of ironworks, occupiers, Edward Tanner Montague's leaseholder, 132-35
Watts Farm from Person to Roger Shotter of Shulbrede and from him to son Roger Shotter, later of Pitfold, hammer excluded from this arrangement, Montague held hammer officially in 1610, Montague annuity in perpetuity to holder of Watts, 136-39
workforce, operations, 135-36
POPHOLE/POPPEHALE [Linchmere manor land parcel]. see Hammer farm
POPMORE [Linchmere manor land parcel], William Hayward
grant 1567, 111
millwright 1654, 62
Black Death time, 30, 31, 33
Domesday time, 25
Linchmere mid 1600s, 107
Saxon times, 23
Surrey side, 161, 164, 171-73
today, 19
Tudor times, 55, 60
Pitfold manor land parcel later part of Middle Pitfold Farm, 43
sold by Combes of Critchmere Farm to Benifolds, 182, 195
Hardings at cottage in Shottermill Street 1799, later the post office, 240
in 1600s, 170
POYNTZ, Stephen. see Linchmere manor and Pitfold manor
PREHISTORY of Shottermill area, 22
Pitfold manor boundary survey 1834/5, 176
Richard Snr and Jnr, held Pitfold manor 1831-1840s, 159
PURPRESTURE definition, Cherrimans land and the Great Purpresture of 18 acres, 38
QUARTER SESSIONS records re Wheeler's hammer, 213
QUENNELL at Hammer Farm
1500s-1741, inventories 1623, Hammer farm land overflowed by Rapley 1682, relationship of Hammer Farm & Lythe Hill Quennells, 77
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
inventory, 44
Roger deponent in 1598 Pophole Hammer tythe dispute, 133
Thomas at unknown fulling mill 1536, 100
QUENNELL at Lythe Hill/Imbhams
Civil War time, 169
iron masters, royalist force in Civil War, 65
joint Lord of Frydinghurst manor with Thomas Payne of Pitfold, 195
relationship to Hammer Farm Quennells, 77
RAILWAY TAVERN. see under Stones
RAILWAY, London to Portsmouth line opened 1859, 20
RANDALL, local leaseholders 1700s, 173
Church Farm 1702-1801, 84
Edward at Gilhams Farm 1682, 76
Edward bought Sturt Farm with hammer and Great Purpresture 1636 from Richard Wheeler, sold Sturt to Launders 1640 but excluding hammer, 217
Great Purpresture and Sturt in 1600s, 180
sold hammer 1649 to Hoads, 217
Stephen lost copy court roll, denied access to holding, 79, 109
RASEL Henry, tailor of Linchmere, inventory, 62
RATS CASTLE. see Washers
later toll house on turnpike to Liphook, 155
REDWATER [now Woodmancote]
not detailed here, 83
will of Robert Woodman 1672, 69
REEKS, REYNOLDS & FRIDAYES [Linchmere manor land parcel]
Jane Collins indicted in Archdeaconary court, 68
not detailed here, 83
RELIGION, no strong tradition of Dissent 1600s, 170
RENTAL of Pitfold manor 1727, 44, 165, 177, 181, 195, 248
ROAD SYSTEM, old roads and turnpikes in Shottermill, 152-55
at Moorey's Lion Common cottage, 244
occupied High Pitfold Farm 1742, 204
Haslemere 1978, 17
on Shottover mill, 98
on Wheeler's hammer, 209
ROMAN PERIOD, local finds, 22
ROSE COTTAGE [down Linchmere Hill], part of Woodmancote holding, divided c1650, 112
ROSE COTTAGE [opposite Shotter Mill]. see Tanyard Cottages
part of Critchmere Farm lands, 1826 bought by Edward James Baker with farm, 1839 Richard Moorey held licence, 250
RUSSELL Richard, miller at Shottover corn mill 1582-3, 100
SADLER [of Chiddingfold]
blacksmiths, 167
held Buffbeards through a Tribe marriage, sold to Roger Shotter of Pitfold 1744, 173, 230
held Sturt from Bardens through forfeit 1659-1665, when sold to Combes who held to 1752, 218
SAXON CORN MILL at Pitfold/Poppehalle
disappears from records 1339, 35, 46
Domesday reference, 24
location, in Bishop Pontissara's Register queried, Pope family held to 1339, 46-48
possible connexion with start date of Shottover corn mill, 96
SAXON PERIOD, place names, settlement, 23
SCALES, George held Shottover mill 1583 under Letters Patent, 100
SEALE, Roger granted Waterhouse 1622 [down Linchmere Hill], 112
SHEEP, 36, 43, 72, 77, 164
in Pitfold in 1727 Rental, 44
SHEPHERD, John early 1700s hammerman at Pophole, at Lees Cottage, 143, 188
SHERELEY, Henry held Shottover mill under Letters Patent 1548/9, 100
connexion of Shotter family with Shottover mill, early renderings of Shotter name in 1544 will of Robert Schetyer in Fernhurst, in Linchmere rolls and parish register, 96-97
descent of Highbuilding through Phillip and Eden, son William to last William in 1793, sold to Anthony Capron of Easebourne, 85
family tree, 201
held Lower Pitfold farm, [re]built farmhouse in middle 1600s, 40
Henry, tanner of Haslemere, married Elizabeth Cherriman, 227
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
inventories in full of Eden Shotter 1586, William 1689 and William 1706, all of Highbuilding, 86-90
inventories of Highbuilding Shotters, 72
ironworking association, 139
John the last, passed Bridge Farm to Combes, 184
mortgage funders, 73
Northpark furnace built on Highbuilding land 1614, Montague/Shotter agreement on Northpark 1626, 84-85
of Fernhurst a schismatick 1664, 169
other holdings in Linchmere manor, Highbuilding, Shulbrede Priory Farm on lease from Shoryes, Watts farm, 84-93
paying taxes in Linchmere in 1200s/1300s, 28
reasons for possible confusion of Shotter/ Shottover names, 96
Roger II mortgage to John Bradfold tanner of Haslemere 1686, 201
Roger of Pitfold bought Shottover Fields 1618, 62
Roger of Pitfold marriage to Yalden 1662, 169
Roger of Shulbrede bought Bridge Farm 1623, Shotters held to 1773, 74
Roger of Shulbrede bought Watts farm 1610 but excluding Pophole hammer, for son Roger of Pitfold, 92
Roger quitclaimed Diddlesford manor 1697, Shotter gentlemen with coat of arms, 61
Roger Shotter I bought Pitfold Mill and Lower Pitfold Farm in 1641, details of the five Roger Shotters of Pitfold who held Mill and Farm until 1781, family tree, Roger Shotter I [re]built 'Manor House', Roger V Guildford attorney, went to Eton and Cambridge, John Shotter Guildford Town Clerk, conditions Roger II's will 1689, 198-201
Roger V buys Lane End from Combes 1770, 185
Watts farm to Roger of Pitfold, hammer to Montague 1610, 136-39
wealthy and mortgage funders, 86
William, last of High-Building, official of Farnham manor - James Trimmer, heir, changed name to Shotter, 86
William, provision for paupers 1600s, court case, 68
SHOTTER MILL INN, on Stones land 1649-51, 80
historical Shottermill, old name Pitfold superseded, 18, 160
origins different from Haslemere, 17
relationship with Haslemere, 64-65
road system, 152
Shottover mill, origin of name, 94
social scene 1600s/1700s, 166-71
timeline, 12
today, 19
SHOTTOVER [Linchmere manor parcel]. see Springhead
Shotters may have held pre-1500s lease of, no connexion after mid 1500s in rolls, start date unknown, misinformation regarding its function as iron works, shot mill, Dallaway, 97-98
connexion with Shotters, official designation Shottover Mill, Shotter Mill in 1600s, a possession of Shulbrede Priory at Dissolution, origin probably mode of operation, excluded from Linchmere manor lands at Dissolution, confusion of Shotter and Shottover, 96-97
corn mill freehold, millers/leaseholders 1584-1778 from Linchmere rolls penalties, Richard Russell, John Edington, William White, William & John Greene, Edward Briday, Gregory Hoad, William Chitty, Richard Fielder, William Simmons, 102-5
Fielder bought 1700s, 64
Fielder insures mill 1723, 105
gave name to Shottermill, 19
history of Shottover Corn Mill, never part of Linchmere manor, issued by Crown under Letters Patent, 99-105
holders of mill under Letters Patent 1548-early 1600s, Henry Shereley, Thomas Smyth, George Scales, Richard Russell, Thomas Payne of Pitfold, 100
name of Shottover mill corrupted to Shottermill superseded name of Pitfold area, 160-62
never described as ironworks in Courts Augmention, Exchequer and Linchmere manor rolls penalties, was property of Shulbrede Priory but no ref. in Valor Ecclesiasticus or Mins. Account of 1536, 99
Thomas Payne had lease 1582/3 to early 1600s, 194
transcript of lease of 1583 of Thomas Payne from George Scales in late 1608 Valor, 100-102
will and inventory of Edward Briday at mill, now freehold, 103-5
SHOTTOVER FIELDS. see under Watts Farm
Black Death time, 36
farms and cottages at Dissolution, 26-28, 60, 71
farms, size of in 1536 Ministers Account, 71
from Priory to Manor, 56-62
held Shottover mill to Dissolution, 96, 98
held Sussex side of Wey valley at Dissolution, Lord Arthur Ponsonby's History of Priory, held Church Lidden in 1608 Valor, 26
monetary value at Dissolution, 30
Stanley gifted to by Abbey of Dureford in 1284, copyholds, 28
SHULBREDE PRIORY FARM, part of Montague's demesne lands, leased to Shorye family, old Roger Shotter inherited leasehold c1538-1639, no further Shotter connexion, 91-92
SICKLE MILL [includes refs to Wheeler's and Sturt Hammer, later Sickle Mill]
absence of early records, on Rocque's map 1768, refs to C Hilman and Richard Bartholomew at Wheeler's hammer in 1609, possible evidence in Pophole Hammer Tythe Dispute 1598 to start date of Wheeler's hammer, Edward Tanner of Pophole and Wheeler's Hammer possibly same, court case, lack of records of Assize and Quarter Sessions Courts, 211-13
first explicit description of hammer, 1697, 221
hammer built by Wheelers early 1600s, Rolston ref to Wheeler's hammer, 209
hammer construction and early years, 211
Hoad family at Mill to 1736 when change of use to corn milling evident, 221-24
Hoads buy hammer from Rapley in 1649, Hoads Elder and Younger work hammer to 1712, leat to hammer, agreement btwn Bardens/Sadlers and Hoads/Sadlers, (Sadlers held Sturt through forfeit by Bardens), 217-20
Hoads Elder and Younger making sickles, 220-21
Richard Wheeler takes out large mortgage on holdiings of Sturt, Great Purpresture and Cherrimans 1617, reasons unknown, details of mortgage agreement, 214-15
Simmons, James I, bought Sickle Mill 1736, 221-24
Sturt Farm with hammer and also Great Purpresture sold to Edward Rapley of Linchmere, refs to hammer as Wheeler's and Sturt hammer, Rapley sold Sturt to Launder sisters 1640 but excluding hammer, first reference to hammer being divided off from Sturt in 1637, 216-17
William Billinghurst associated with hammer mortgage, 1636 death Richard Wheeler holding hammer, water rights of hammer and Purpresture Meadow, 215-16
house in Frensham parish but mill in Haslemere parish, boundary passed through middle of pond, 222
listed to 1600s, vandalized and restored 1990s, 222
Mary Hoad's inventory, 223-26
SILLICK W.A., Herald reporter, 17, 244
bought Deanes 1763, 82
bought Springhead 1788, 82
bought Watts 1781, 93
Diary entries re boundaries, 177
hammer lands sold to Henry Baker, 148
James I bought Sickle Mill 1736, 221-24
James I, Frensham parish churchwarden, 168
James III, Diarist, 18
relinquished Watts farm annuity for copyhold, 148
William bought New Mill part of Washers 1781 and rest in 1788, 78
William leases Shottover mill from Fielders, 105
SMALL John, Simmons' son-in-law, bought Brookbank 1860, 241
SMITH Caleb, held Brookbank early 1800s to 1860, 241
SMITHY [at Shottermill]
built by Blaise Briday c1590, 62
in Briday hands to 1670, then Henry Tribe at 1687, held in 1846 by Stillwell family, 109, 130
SMYTH, Thomas held Shottover mill under Letters Patent 1565, 100
gentlemen, yeomen and husbandmen, 61
peasant aristocracy in Pitfold, 180
rise of yeomen, 56
yeoman/traders, gentlemen, little disparity in houses, 171
SPRINGHEAD FARM [Linchmere manor land parcel of Shottover]
Anchor House a Springhead farm cottage, 109
Maidmans at, 59
monetary value 1600s, 64
Richard Farnden (1570) fined for illegal felling, John (1634) agreement coppicing timber, 61
listed, dated to 1400s, small & decayed in early 1600s, Thomas Farnden inventory 1610, Farndens at to 1654, land mortgaged with special terms in Civil War, 80-82
STAFF OF LIFE, listed, Israel Hussey built for self c late 1600s early 1700s, William Mardens at 1767-1795 when land again divided, part through White family and Foreys, other part to Stephen Harding, house affected by rail embankment and moving of Critchmere Lane, by 1861 was public house, 241-43
STANLEY FARM [Linchmere manor land parcel]
Boxalls to 1633, 125
Butlers at 1633-1755, 59
in 1200s/1300s lay subsidies, gifted to Shulbrede Priory 1284, 28
not detailed here, 83
STEED, at malthouse near Bridge Farm 1670, 62, 112
left to Benifolds by Thomas Payne the Younger 1627, 193
Pitfold manor land parcel, later part of Middle Pitfold Farm, 43
at Stones 1766-c1899, 80
held Shottermill smithy 1846, 110
STOATLEY FARM, Bennetts had lease 1700s, 173
STONEHAM'S COTTAGE in Linchmere manor, 110
James Stoneham at Lees Cottage 1693, 188
STONES/STANES [Linchmere land parcel, Railway (now Mill) Tavern]
Briday 1584, 130
Combes 1700s, 184
held in Priory time, Hardings to 1585, Bridays 1585-1647, Boxalls, Collins, Combes to 1766, Stillwells blacksmiths 1766-c1900, called Shotter Mill Inn 1649 & '51, mid-1800s Railway Tavern, assoc. mid 1600s with Nappers and Cherrimans, tanners, 79-80
monetary value 1600s, 64
smithy, 62
STRAKER, 98. see under Shottover mill
STURT FARM [Farnham manor land parcel]. see further under Sickle Mill for hammer on Sturts land
1733 tile found, 164
Bardens 1600s, 129
bondland, 38
bought 1665 by Combes of Lane End, 183
descriptive name, 211
farm with hammer sold by Wheelers to Edward Rapley of Linchmere 1636, from Rapley to Launder family 1640 but excluding hammer, 217
first ref. 1276, descent thro Wakefords, Popes and Wheelers to 1500s, 38-39
from Launders to Bardens, from Bardens to Sadlers through forfeit, 218
held on perpetual lease by Wheelers from 1500s at least, Wheelers built hammer on Sturt land early 1600s, Rolston ref to Wheelers Hammer 1609, Wheeler families of Haslemere, Thursley and Binsted, Binsted Wheelers lease Barford spring to Harding family papermakers, later of Shottermill, 208-11
monetary value 1660, 215
mortgaged by Richard Wheeler 1617, 214-15
Rapleys hold in 1600s, 180
Sadler bought 1659-60, repairs to farm, listed to 1700s, Sadler to Combes 1665 who held to 1752, 221
taxes paid 1332, 32
STURT HAMMER. see Sickle Mill
STURTMORE [Fernhurst freehold], Uptons bought 1670s, 64
Bygone Haslemere, 1914, 17
Church Lidden, 26
Shottover mill, 98
SWORD, yeomanry, at Hammer Farm, 77
bought 3 parts of Great Purpresture in 1660s from Wests of Roundhurst, may have worked at Sickle Mill, 227-28
early local ironworker, 130
encroached on Lower Lion Common, 229-30
one Tamplins close on Great Purpresture went to Hoads then Simmonses and other two to Combes and then to Bridgers, 228-29
William and Jane at Lees Cottage 1666 on, 187
William at Critchmere Lane End Cottage from 1662, 239
TANNER, Edward
and Wheeler's hammer 1601/2, 212
occupier of Pophole Hammer 1598, 132-35
Baldwyn family, 41
important Haslemere/Shottermill industry, 170
Shotter mortgage to John Bradfold, Haslemere tanner, 201
skin dressing at Pitfold mill, 49, 79
TANYARD COTTAGES [now Rose Cottage]
Baldwyns and Paynes in 1500s, 41
Bardens in 1600s, 129
descent from 1572 through Paynes, Baldwyns, then smaller cottage through Charles Barden, Haywards to William Cherriman 1693, and the larger cottage through Benifolds, Nappers to William Cherriman in 1674, Cherrimans held both to 1760s, 202-4
listed mediaeval building, 35, 203
Paynes brief connexion, possible remains of tanpits in garden, 202
early local ironworkers, hearth tax, 132
early renderings of Shotter family name, 94
in Civil War, 169
in tything of Pitfold & Churt, 32
payers in Linchmere, 28
Paynes highest Pitfold tax payer 1593/4, 193
Shotter payments for Parrys & Hurlands/Highbuilding, 84
in Linchmere at Priory time, 60
Watts farm, first recorded tenants 1533, 92, 115
coppicing agreements, illegal felling, map Montague demesne coppice lands 1650, 61
natural resource of Weald, 23
Pitfold well-timbered 1600s-1700s, 162
TIMMS John, at Critchmere Lane End Cottage 1815-1850s, 240
held Buffbeards 1630-1744, 180
held Shottermill smithy 1687, 110
John held Pond and Corner Cottages early 1700s, 111
married into Sadlers of Chiddingfold, 230-31
TRIMMER James, heir of William Shotter of Highbuilding, took Shotter name, 86
TROTTER, W.R., author of The Hilltop Writers, 19
TURKE/TOURKE. see Tamplins
TYTHE DISPUTE 1598. see Pophole Hammer
Frensham 1839, 154, 164, 177
Linchmere 1846, 23, 58, 148
TYTHING. see under Pitfold Tything
bought Deanes and Sturtmore 1670s, 64, 82
maltsters, glovers, mercers, 82, 167
VALOR ECCLESIASTICUS. see also Dissolution of Monasteries
late 1608 Valor, 26
lease in late 1608 Valor of Shottover mill, 99
Shottover mill not included in Priory lands, 99
Thomas Payne the Elder acted re Frensham parish in 1608 Valor, 194
corruption of Wakeners, 21, 46
in Pitfold manor boundary problems, 176-77
inhabited by squatter broom-makers, 178, 250
at High Pitfold farm 1200s, at early Saxon corn mill 1300s, 43
at Sturt Farm 1200s, 39
WAKENER Isabel, held Headley land in 1309, 46
WALKER, held Bargate/Old Cottage 1717, 245
WASHERS ALS WATCHERS [Linchmere manor land parcel, now Rats Castle]
bought by Joseph Mills, 62
decayed late 1500s, 83
ironworkers Bardens and Pelhams 1571-2, 127
monetary value 1600s, 64
present building dated 1700s, descent through Hopkyns in 1537, various investors, 1699-1781 Maidmans, land divided in 1700s, part bought by William Simmons for New Mill, southern part absorbed into Maidmans' Springhead farm, leased to Pelham & Barden ironworkers 1571-2, Allen attempted purchase 1651, unusual name changes inc. Coldwashers, by clerical error became Watchers 1699, present house Watchers [Dexam] by rights Watts farm, William Simmons bought remaining part 1788, 78-79
Walshes original name, 23
WATERHOUSE [Linchmere manor cottage], granted to Roger Seale 1622, 112
WATERHOUSE [Linchmere manor land parcel]. see Bridge Farm
WATERMEADOWS, Rapley indicted 1682 for illegal use, 76
WATTS FARM [Linchmere Wattmans & Elliots in Linchmere manor]
details of Watts Farm and Hammer from Persons/Roger Shotter of Shulbrede/his son Roger of Pitfold, and Hammer to Montague, perpetual compensatory annuity from Montague to Watts holder, 136-39
copyhold of Hammer and lands to Jas Simmons III for relinquishing of annuity to holder of Watts, 147-49
Pophole hammer built on land late 1500s, 77, 92
Pophole hammer rolls entries under Watts not Pophole, 118
Theyre and Person families 1533-1610, bought by Roger Shotter of Shulbrede 1610 for sons but excluding Pophole Hammer, Roger Shotters of Pitfold held 1610-1781, possible tenant Chilsum family, new farmhouse built, probably now Watchers [Dexam], Simmons bought 1781, 92-93
Thomas Person indicted 1609 for illegal lopping, Roger Shotter of Pitfold added Shottover Fields 1618, 61
early settlement, 23, 25, 28
natural resources, 21
WEALDEN IRON RESEARCH GROUP confirm Shottover mill never an ironworks, 98
WEST [of Roundhurst] Richard, bought Great Purpresture from Edward Rapley 1665, parts sold off to Hoads and Tamplins, by 1673 only the Purpresture meadow remained of the 18 acres, 228
farms and cottages on Surrey side, 38-46
farms on Sussex side, 74-83
focal point of historical Shottermill, 18
Linchmere manor farms outside Wey Valley not detailed here, 83
river and water-powered industries, sources of southern River Wey, local water system, 20-22
WEYSPRINGS, a source of the southern River Wey, 21
WHEELER, 208-17
at Sturt Farm and Great Purpresture in 1500s, 39
connected to Paynes by marriage, leave Pitfold for Elstead in 1630s, 208
had held Cherrimans 1574 on perpetual lease, 226
held Sturt Farm and Great Purpresture on perpetual lease from 1500s at least, built hammer early 1600s on Sturt land [see under Sickle Mill], 208-11
held Surrey-side land under perpetual lease, 34, 39
Richard indicted 1615 by Linchmere manor for interfering with Hopkin and Boxold lands, 213
Richard takes out large mortgage 1617 on holdings of Cherrimans, Sturt and Great Purpresture from Thomas Payne the Younger, 214-15
WHEELER'S HAMMER. see Sickle Mill
Daniel, broom-maker at cottage on Clay/Wey Hill early 1800s, 247
family at later Staff of Life 1795 and 1855, 242-43
Henry, agreement with Baker for house in Wakeners Bottom, 178
John, 1762 at Corner Cottage, 111
William, miller 1601 at Shottover mill, 103
in rolls, 81
widows bench, 69
at Deanes 1600s, 82
at Goldhorks 1612-1764, 62, 71, 82
WILLS, 18, 28, 59-62, 65, 67-69, 74, 77, 81, 95, 103, 116, 118, 126, 130, 131, 135, 141, 143, 161, 170, 173, 181, 183, 184, 186, 194, 195, 197, 199, 202, 203, 208, 209, 210, 213, 214, 216, 217, 223, 224, 228, 229, 231, 239, 243, 244, 246
WINCHESTER PIPE ROLLS transcript by Philip Brooks, 29
collected rents of Dartford Priory, 48
Henry de Blois, 31
Pontissara reference to Saxon corn mill, 46
visitation in 1725, 169
collecting rents of Pitfold manor, 48
holder of Farnham manor, 24
provision for Linchmere paupers, 69
Woodmancote acquired by Combes family 1700s, 184
WOOLMER Forest/Common, 25
cottage on in 1727 Pitfold manor rental, 165
nothing known about Woolmer Common to 1800s, 250
part of Pitfold manor western boundary, 175
small parcel sold 1668 by Combes of Critchmere Farm to Benifolds, 182, 195
married 1662 into Shotter family, 169, 199
William the Elder of Blackdown, steward to Viscount Montague, 142
YEOMAN. see Social Class
YEOMANRY, Surrey/Sussex trooper's sword found at Hammer Farm, 77

About the Author

Greta Turner read History and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham and worked for most of her life in London in the Library & Information Group of an International Chemical Engineering company. In 1976 she and her husband came to live in Haslemere, where she was Recorder of the local Archaeological Group for many years, served for a short time on the Council of the Surrey Archaeological Society, and directed the restoration of the Mediaeval Moated Homestead at South Park, Grayswood. After assisting in the transcription of the Diaries of James Simmons, paper maker of Sickle Mill, she continued in the 1990s to investigate the local Wey Valley's industrial past.


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