Sweet FA – the true story of Fanny Adams
Peter Cansfield

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A true tale of murder among the Alton hop fields in 1867
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Paperback - 104 pages
Peter Cansfield Associates; ISBN: 0-9536346-1-2; 2000
Alton Book Company, c/o Image Print 2001 Ltd, Orchard Lane, Alton, GU34 1DP - Tel: 01420 89253

Associated title: The Battle of Alton by Peter Cansfield

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"The neighbourhood of Alton, that pleasant little market town of Hants, on the skirts of the beautiful landscape encircling the kingly city of Winchester, will henceforth possess a dreary fame," said the Standard newspaper on Thursday 29th August 1867.

That was how the wider world came to know of the Alton Murder, the 'horrible crime' that set the whole country talking, especially as there seemed to be a lack of any motive and no gain to the culprit.

Even such a revolting crime would have paled into the mists of time had it not been for the Royal Navy, who ensured that the name of Sweet Fanny Adams wouild be remembered wherever the English language is spoken.

This then is the dreadful tale of the murder of that young girl in the Alton hop fields.

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