Report of the Headley Theatre Club's production of 'The Happiest Days of your Life', 1955

"The Happiest Days of Your Life" was produced at Headley Village Hall on Friday and Saturday by Mrs Di Rabbetts, proceeds going to hall funds.

The full cast is seen in this photograph.

Seated on floor (left to right): Jill Courtier-Dutton as Barbara Cahoun, Bob Nairne as Hopcroft minor.
Seated centre (left to right): Stephanie Phillips as Mrs. Sowter, Bunty Barrett at; Miss Gossage, Pauline Buck as Miss Evelyn Whitchurch, Mary E. Rabbetts as Joyce Harper, Bea Stonehouse as Mrs Peck.
Standing, rear (left to right): J. D'Arcy Champney as Edgar Sowter, Carl Clay as Rupert Billings, Edmond Waller as Godfrey Pond, John Lennard as Dick Tassell, Jimmy Ellis as "Rainbow," and Guy de L. Landon as the Rev. Edward Peck.

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