Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club's performance of 'Separate Tables', October 1989

The construction team: Richard Barratt, Tiffany McKay, David Green & Jules Wilson

Table Number One

Penny McKay, Gilly Dunn, Val Smith?, Andy Metham
Deb Williamson, Pat Roe, Jo Smith
Rachel Bennett, Rod Sharp
Rachel, Dil Williamson, Rod
Dil, Rod, Mel Bower

Table Number Two

Mo Cooke, Andy
Jill Turner, Pat Roe, Andy, Mo Cooke
Brian Dunn, Rachel
Penny McKay, Jill Turner
Gilly, Jill, Penny
Andy, Jill, Penny
Jo Smith, Penny, Jill, Andy, Mo – acting at its most dramatic!
Brian, Jill
Rachel, Jill
Brian strides purposefully through the set.
The full cast

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