Cinderella, January 1990

Photos and names from the album of Deb Williamson

Dil, Ray, Mel, Jill, Deb, Mo, Kirstey, Anna, Janine, David, Midge, Simon, Sally, Lizzie, Heidi, Adam
Jo, Anna, Dil, David, Midge, Ray, Janine, Mel, Deb, Mo, Kirstey, Jill, Sally, Simon, Lizzie, Heidi, Laurie, Jamie, Adam
Jo S, Ray, David, Mel, Deb, Kirstey, Jo G, Laurie, Simon, Mo, Jo T, Jill, Nick, Adam, Andrew, Rod
Dil, Deb, Midge, David, Anna, Mel, Kirstey, Mo, Ray, Jill, Sally, Janine, Lizzie, Simon, Heidi, Adam
The Coach
Morag, Laurie, Jamie
Janine, Heidi, Lizzie, Sally, Mel, David, Dil, Mo, Ray, ?, Karen, Simon, Adam, Midge, Deb, Anna
Andrew Smiley, ?, Rod Sharp, Jamie Stickler, ?, Laurie Lewis

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