Cinderella, January 1990

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Programme cover designed by Dil Williamson


Press photo
Jo Truelove & Penny McKay opening the Holme School fete
(Headmaster Ted Bamford, on right, retired that December)
The set construction crew:
Back: David Green, David Barratt — Front: Richard Barratt, Tiffany McKay, Jules Wilson

Photos and names from the album of Deb Williamson

Gilly Dunn as Prince Charming
Jo Gibson as Dandini
Together, you couldn't accuse them of being legless!
Jo Smith & Nick Webb as Baron Hardup and Buttons
Penny McKay and Morag Horn as the Fairies
Penny McKay as Fairy Queen with Alice Smith as Puck
Penny McKay with the fairy gang!
"Fairies, bring my cloak and stick, Elves, my magic wig, and quick!
To the mortal world I'll go and see myself if things are so."
Richard Turner as Baldock, the Squire's bailiff
The Squire visits the Baron's kitchen
Cinders (Jo Truelove) shopping for the Ugly Sisters (Rod Sharp & Andrew Smiley)
Buttons consoles Cinders
Dandini searches for suitors
Dil, Ray, Mel, Jill, Deb, Mo, Kirstey, Anna, Janine, David, Midge, Simon, Sally, Lizzie, Heidi, Adam
Jo, Anna, Dil, David, Midge, Ray, Janine, Mel, Deb, Mo, Kirstey, Jill, Sally, Simon, Lizzie, Heidi, Laurie, Jamie, Adam
Jo S, Ray, David, Mel, Deb, Kirstey, Jo G, Laurie, Simon, Mo, Jo T, Jill, Nick, Adam, Andrew, Rod
Dil, Deb, Midge, David, Anna, Mel, Kirstey, Mo, Ray, Jill, Sally, Janine, Lizzie, Simon, Heidi, Adam
The Coach
Morag Horn as Fairy Godmother, Laurie Lewis as Griselda the Stepmother, and Jamie Stickler as a Pageboy
Janine, Heidi, Lizzie, Sally, Mel, David, Dil, Mo, Ray, ?, Karen, Simon, Adam, Midge, Deb, Anna
Andrew Smiley and Rod Sharp as Ugly Sisters, Jamie Stickler and Laurie Lewis
The Walkdown

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