Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club's performance of 'A Murder is Announced', October 1990 (for the Agatha Christie centenary)

Directed by Pat Roe

Sandra McGregor, Jean Clark, Mo Cooke, Rod Sharp
Sandra, Jean, Jo Gibson
Sandra, Laurie Lewis, Jo Gibson, Adam White, Rod
Jean, Sandra, Jo, Adam, Rod, Sarah Horne (maid), Mo, Laurie & Jill Turner (Miss Marple) inspecting the body (David Lishman?)
Ray Bower (Inspector Craddock) and Jimmy Ellis (Sgt Mellors) arrive on the scene
The questioning begins …
Jean on the sofa, and Rod in the mirror!
The canny Miss Marple questions Letitia Blacklock …
… and it looks like the Inspector returns in the nick of time.
Well, that's that. Cake, anyone?

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