Sponsored Play in a Day - "The Hindsight Saga", 10th November 1990

Following the draft of an idea by Jo Smith

Ray Bower and Owen Tribe mulling over ideas …
… as is a larger group: Val Smith, Andrew Smilie,Jo Smith, Penny McKay and the back of someone's head!

Meanwhile, Louis Clist contents himself with sitting quietly, sorting out his hat.

Some action at last – Andrew Smilie has a scroll to declaim from.
Jo Smith having a woeful time with Pru Harrold …

… and another one with Penny McKay.
Well, he wrote the wretched play, so it's his fault!
Val Smith finding her way with a candle (did we have a real lighted candle on stage?)
A little consternation showing here?
Ray Bower has a box. I seem to recall that it was part of the plot. And the mirror too.
And somehow the author ends up doing a Roaring Twenties dance with heidi Farnlucher.

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