Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club's Youth & Junior evening, March 1991

Photos from 'Arthur' - see Report

The cast of 'Arthur'.

Other performances on the night were: 'William Goes Camping' and 'The Dark Side' - see Report below

Cast of 'Arthur'

Contributed report:

Headley Theatre Club continue to encourage their younger members by giving over the stage to them once a year. Last Friday and Saturday they treated audiences to three different plays. First, in William Goes Camping, a short adaptation from Just William, Jon Sawers and Luke Holman as William and Ginger, went camping in their back garden only to have their plans ruined by Katie Sawers and Gemma McCartney playing Violet-Elizabeth and Lucy.

Then, in complete contrast, Jo Truelove as Dad, and Debbi and Stephen Williamson as his children, acted out The Dark Side, written and directed by club member Adam White, in which a drunkard father beats his children and suffers the consequences.

Finally, on a jollier note, the Youth Group presented Arthur, directed by Jo Truelove with Owen Tribe in the title role and Melanie Bower as his arson-inspiring aunt. Other parts were played by Lizzie Creasey (Mayor), Stephen Saxey (Fire Captain), Brian Jones (Fireman), Giles Wrigley (Fire Chief), Debbi Williamson (Denise), Heidi Farnlucher (Police Inspector), Janine Bower (Gertrude), Victoria Lockyerfield (Scout Commissioner), Tiffany McKay (Scout) and Donna Gard and Karina Farnlucher (policewomen).

The next opportunity to see Headley theatre Club in action will be on April 19th and 20th when the senior members present their Evening of One-Act Plays..

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