Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Fortyssimo, June 1992

In celebration of the Club's 40th anniversary

This is the photo on the cover of the 'Headley Theatre Club 65' book.
L to R on stage: Kate Smith (hidden), Joan Parkinson, Jo Smith, John McGregor, Penny McKay, Janine Bower, Wendy Downs, Tony Grant, Doug Tanner, Mel Bower, Louis Clist, Jill Turner, Morag Horn, Stan Sharp (hidden), Ruth Bower, Deb Williamson, Kay McGregor; Top of steps: Laurie Lewis, Jimmy Ellis; Lower steps: Dil Williamson, Jo Truelove
As above
L to R: Laurie Lewis, Kay McGregor, Jo Smith, Penny McKay, Dil Williamson, Doug Tanner, Wendy Downs, Mel Bower, Morag Horn, John McGregor, Jimmy Ellis, Jill Turner, Jo Truelove, Stan Sharp, Deb Williamson, Janine Bower
L to R on stage: Janine Bower, Jo Smith, Joan Parkinson (sitting), Penny McKay, Ruth Bower (sitting), Wendy Downs, Laurie Lewis, ??? (hidden), Louis Clist, Jimmy Ellis in drag?, Deb Williamson, Kay McGregor; Sitting at front: Tony Grant, Mel Bower, Dil Williamson, Jo Truelove, Morag Horn, John McGregor
Tony Grant and Laurie Lewis
Jo Smith and Penny McKay
Stan Sharp and Morag Horn
Rod Sharp and Morag Horn
Dil Williamson, Morag Horn, Ruth Bower (with Wendy Downs in background)
In foreground: Ruth Bower and Kay McGregor
Mel Bower
In foreground: Mel Bower, Jo Truelove, Janine Bower
Joan Parkinson, Penny McKay, John McGregor, Janine Bower
Dil Williamson, Morag Horn, Ruth Bower, Wendy Downs
Jo Smith, Kay McGregor, Penny McKay, Deb Williamson, Laurie Lewis
Top: Penny McKay, Dil Williamson, Morag Horn
Middle: Laurie Lewis, Jo Truelove
Bottom: Wendy Downs, Janine Bower, Kay McGregor
Morag Horn
Penny McKay and Morag Horn: 'Nobody loves a fairy when they're 40'
Jo Truelove, Jill Turner, Janine Bower, Morag Horn, Kay McGregor, Dil Williamson, John McGregor, Laurie Lewis
Rod Sharp and Morag Horn: 'One-legged Tarzan' sketch
Deb Williamson
Laurie Lewis
Zach Measures, Kate Smith
Sarah Horne

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