Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Sleeping Beauty, January 1993

Photos from various sources – Programme

Sarah Horne, Deb Williamson, Dolina Vosper, Helen Sharp (rat), Heidi Farnlucher, Hannah Tidmarsh (rat), John McGregor, Laurie Lewis, Mel Bower, Charlotte Paterson, Zoe Wright, Karina Farnlucher
Enter Kate Smith, as the Wicked Witch
But there's obviously something to smile about!
Sarah Horne (Good Fairy) vs Kate Smith (Wicked Witch)
John McGregor & Doug Tanner being fed something dubious by Mel Bower (Dum Dum)
Kate Smith, Heidi Farnlucher, Mel Bower
Doug Tanner (Queen Formica) and John McGregor (King Fred)
Dolina Vosper (Prtince Richard), Laurie Lewis (Bimbo, the Jester), Wendy Downs (Lady Pamela Tooth)
Laurie Lewis, prancing!
Everybody prancing!
Heidi ((Princess Beauty) & Dolina
Lucy Evans, Rod Sharp, Deb Williamson, Heidi Farnlucher
[Q: How did a Viking get into Sleeping Beauty? A: He was Prince of Iceland!]
And here he is again!
Heidi high!
Penny can (can) with Brian Grant (Prince of Mexico)
Mesdames two-swords!
Doug Tanner, Laurie Lewis, John McGregor
Everyone listens to Toffee-Nose, the Chamberlain (Penny McKay)
Don't touch the needle!!
Sarah Horne, Deb Williamson, Dolina Vosper, Joan Parkinson, Rod Sharp, Heidi Farnlucher (on ground), Charlotte Paterson, Janine Bower, Karina Farnlucher, Laurie Lewis, John McGregor, Jean Clark, Doug Tanner, Debbie Ridley, Chris Berry, Kate Smith, Maggie Farnlucher, Wendy Downs, Peter, Natalie
Brian Grant, Zoe, Deb Williamson, Charlotte Paterson, Janine Bower, Joan Parkinson, Doug Tanner, Jean Clark, John McGregor, Ray Bower, Debbie Ridley, Wendy Downs, Laurie Lewis, Peter Danes, Mo, Maggie Farnlucher, Rod Sharp, Penny McKay
Don't know what's going on here!?
Junior cast –
Top row: Bart Warshaw, Matthew Tidmarsh, Chris Sharp, Lisa Morgan
Middle row: Kate Sawers, Helen Sharp, Hannah Tidmarsh
Bottom row: Christopher Danes, Simon Tanner, Gemma McCartney

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