Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club's evening of One Act plays, April 1993


'Knightsbridge' by John Mortimer

Mo Cooke & Louis Clist

'A Phoenix Too Frequent' by Christopher Fry

A young widow's resolve to die is tested when she meets a handsome soldier.

Morag Horn and Rod Sharp

Morag Horn and Jo Lewis

The plot thickens …

Could this be the 'aha!' moment?

All's well that ends well?

'George' by Derek Hickman

Joan Parkinson and John McGregor
Patient with Janine Bower …
… then with her sister Mel
… then with Mavis
This looks worrying
Where's he gone?
L to R: Mavis Standing, Heidi Farnlucher, Deb Williamson, Deryck Wyatt,
John McGregor, Kay McGregor, Mel Bower, Janine Bower

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