Report of the Headley Theatre Club's evening of One-Act plays and supper, April 1994

Members of the society are pictured above, together with the youth group, in the village hall. Pianist Sarah Horne, takes a welcome break while the players gather round.

Joining the theatre club for a night of quality entertainment

Headley Theatre Club again entertained the public at its annual evening of one-act plays with supper on Friday night last week.

The event heralded a double benefit, allowing members more opportunity to act and direct, and the audience more variety in the programme presented to them.
This year there were three plays. Firstly "Grass Widows" directed by Jill Turner with an all female cast, in which bored wives waiting in Camelot for their Knights to return from yet another Quest are suddenly presented with a problem when a magic spell from Morgan le Fay's book makes the Round Table disappear.

Wendy Downs played the tipsy Lady Liones whose unexpected powers caused the problem, and Kay McGregor the unwelcome Morgan who gets her come-uppance in the end. Pru Harrold played a stately Queen Guinevere, Jill Turner a very Irish Queen Isolte, Dilys Williamson a sprightly Lady Lynette, Ruth Bower an ageing Cornelia and Penny McKay a severe Lady Enid. Well received by the audience, it established the tone for an enjoyable evening of comedy.

It was followed by a set of songs and music from youth members and their friends. Debbi Williamson began with a powerful solo performance of "I Dreamed a Dream", she was then joined by Mel Bower for "Tell Me It's Not True". Steve Williamson (guitar) and Angelique Martin (vocal) gave a premiere of their own composition, "Some Kind of Game", before the group as a whole joined up for "Come Follow the Band."

The cast then served the audience with a ploughman's supper, followed by "Wife Required" directed by Laurie Lewis and Mo Cooke, in which Rod Sharp played the part of a man who had advertised in the press for a wife. Pru Harrold, as his secretary, reluctantly showed a number of unusual applicants into his office: Debbi Williamson as the booming Barney Dare, Amy Bowen as a girl who had arrived at the wrong address, Mo Cooke as the mysterious Avalon Pippin, and finally Laurie Lewis as his real wife. Congratulations particularly to Debbi and Amy from the youth group on tackling their roles with great skill and maturity.

The final presentation was "Joining the Club", a 'two hander' played by Tony Nelson and Dilys Williamson. He tells her he's resigned his job, she tells him she's unexpectedly pregnant, and from there on the audience enjoyed a well-presented comedy as the pair tried to come to terms with the prospect of changes in their lifestyle.

Stage manager for the evening was John McGregor, lighting by Paul Kosinski, and food organised by Ruth Bower and helpers.

The society's AGM will be held at 8pm on May 19th in Headley Village Hall, to which anyone interested in local amateur dramatics is welcome. [It was an interesting one, by all accounts!]

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