Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Humpty Dumpty, January 1995

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We had such a large cast that we brought in a caravan as extra accommodation.
Patrick the Dame getting early attention at the hairdressers.

Photos taken at a Dress Rehearsal:—

The Chorus - see Programme
John McGregor (Grand old Duke of York) with Simon Tanner (Captain of the Guard)
Duke: "What problem could there possibly be with the King's horses, Captain?"
Humpty: (Laurie Lewis) "I don't just sit here to look pretty you know."
Duke: "No?"
The 'Bad Set': Dawn Wolverson (Georgie Porgie), Jo Truelove (Miss Muffet) and Mel Bower (Willie Winkie)
Muffet: "Where have you two been? Two o'clock I said, and it's three fifteen already!"
The Chorus in song and dance – "How're you going to keep them down on the farm?"
Bo Peep: (Lisa Morgan) "Well there was the small matter of losing our sheep, and not knowing where to find them – remember?"
Boy Blue: (Nikki Jewell) "They were in the meadow, the council's meadow that is, and the cows were in their corn."
Wolf: (Richard Lewis) "Look, stop trying to be logical will you! A Wolf's got to do what a Wolf's got to do – particularly in nursery rhymes."
Wolf: "Well if I can't eat you, then it'll have to be Lamb. Come along my little friend, we're going to play – with the mint sauce!"
Queen: (Pru Harrold) "Oh Miss Muffet, and you two boys – what a disappointment you've been to us all!"

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