Photographs from the production of 'A Balance of Trust', October 1995

Written by Jo Smith to commemorate the Centenary of The National Trust
Performed by 'The Centenary Players', a group of local actors brought together for this show
Directed by Derek Watts
Performed in 3 Counties: Haslemere (Surrey), Fernhurst (West Sussex) and Headley (Hampshire)

The Poster
The Cast

Snaps from a rehearsal in Haslemere Museum:—

Sc 1: Nick Webb, Louis Clist & Stan Sharp: customers at the 'Happy Eater' in Hindhead …
… in their imagination, taken back to the 1850s, with Ray Bower as Landlord of 'The Huts'
Sc 2: The murder of Police Inspector Donaldson in Haslemere, 28th July 1855.
Sc 3: Jo Smith as a passenger on Haslemere Station.
Sc 4: Nick Webb as Sir Henry Peek; Ken Burt as George John Shaw Lefevre: "Your competition has brought in a fine crop of entries"
Sc 6: Kay McGregor as Jane Hutchinson buying besoms from Stan Sharp as Broomsquire, while Leila Sharland as her daughter ends up carrying the produce!
Sc 13: Wendy Downs as Louisa Tyndall with Jean Vivian as her Maid.
Sc 14: Tony Douglass as William Allingham trying to get Chris Forde as Tennyson to sign his petition against an Enclosure.
Sc 18: L to R: Noel Diacono, John McGregor, Bryan Harrison, Stan Hoskin, Simon Coyte addressing the inaugural meeting of the Haslemere Commons Preservation Society.
Sc 24: John McGregor (L) as Allen Chandler, Mel Bower as Ethel, his wife (7 months pregnant!) and Chris Berry as Roger Hutchinson, her brother, talking about holidays.

Sc 25: Noel Diacono as Sir Robert Hunter listening to Pru Harrold as Octaviia Hill lamenting: "Do you not share my frustration Mr Hunter?"

Sc 26: Chris Forde as Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Sc 28: Patrick Pakenham-Keady as Canon Rawnsley with Pru Harrold as Octavia Hill: "Ah, there's the rub!"

Sc 34: Simon Coyte as Sir Frederick Pollock comes to remonstrate with Ken Burt as Whitaker Wright: "Many residents of Hindhead are not a little annoyed."

Derek Watts, the director, casts a quizzical eye over proceedings.

Sc 35: Mel Bower as Flora Thompson arrives with a telegram for Louis Clist as Arthur Conan Doyle while he's busy playing football with some local lads (Ben Torrens & Neil Radford)

Sc 36: Simon Coyte as Sir Frederick Pollock and Noel Diacono as Sir Robert Hunter meet at Haslemere Station and read about Wright's arrest.

Sc 38: Whitaker Wright (Ken Burt) poisons himself in court rather than facing prison.

The line-up (or part of it!) at the end.

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