Report and Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Sinbad the Sailor, January 1996


A Perfect antidote to January blues is provided by Headley Theatre Club's production of Sinbad the Sailor - fast-moving action, exotic locations and all the slapstick and corny humour you would expect from a pantomime.

Mel Bower makes a tuneful Sinbad and Doug Tanner is appropriately over the top as Mrs Sinbad, the panto dame. Laurie Lewis as Tinbad and Pru Harrold as Mustapha provide comic back-up for Mrs Sinbad and there are one or two old familiar comedy routines plus some up-to-date visual gags, such as a sequence where the audience has to guess the name of the TV programme. Some panto purists object to topical television references but they now seem to be standard panto fare.
John McGregor as Sinistro, the evil magician, reduced at least one young member of the audience to terrified screams every time he appeared and Rod Sharp put in a strong performance as Crunchbones, the witchdoctor.

The plot involves two attractive young maidens (Nikki Jewell as Princess Pearl and Hannah Dallow as Talida) being captured by the. baddies and finally reunited with their loved ones.

The action moved through several exotic locations including the quayside of Constantinople, the grotto of the living statues, the nest of the Giant Roc Bird and the jungle of man-eating plants. It is a credit to Jill Turner's direction and the back stage helpers too numerous to mention that the tiny stage of Headley village ha1l could be transformed into so many glamorous locations and that the special effects worked without any hitches.

With a cast of more than 40, it is not possible to mention everyone who took part but credit should be given to Vicky Jones as the Old Man of the Sea, Tony Nelson as Wazir and Jo Lewis as Bludruncolda for providing good performances.

Sue Meadows

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