Photographs from the Millennium Pageant, June 2000

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The Theatre Club float ready to roll in Churchfields…

…depicting Robinson Crusoe, our very first pantomime

Top: Erika Webb, Stan Sharp, Martin Levy, Angelique Martin, Dil Williamson, Ruth Bower.
Bottom: Tammie McKay, Jo Levy, Wendy Downs, Kay McGregor, Penny McKay

The French Connection … our Twinning friends from Corné were here for the event

Steve White was, at the time, Town Crier of Bordon, and gave us his all

John McGregor played the part of a Narrator, dressed as Merlin

Pru and Dil (as Dick Whittington and his Cat)

Becky Radford

Sian Lewis leads the school children as 'the river' flows round the Green

'Les Bouillards' from Corné sang a traditional French song

Villagers rioting in 1830

Penny McKay as a Narrator

Adrian Burrows as a Jester

Almost inevitably 'The Hampshire Song' was sung

The years rolled round to 1953, when the Theatre Club performed its first pantomime

Ray Bower declaiming his Ode to the Saving of the Rectory Field, 1987

Mel White and Naomi Burrows keeping the census score as the decades rolled by
(Zak White was born 4 days later!)

'Slide' performing 'Stairway to Heaven' as the pageant ended

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