Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Ali Baba, January 2001

Cast - Programme - see photos from the 2015 production, recognise anyone?

Scheherazade (Jo Lewis), Schahriah the Sultan (Rod Sharp) & the Executioner (Dave Downs) discuss matters of life & death
The chorus find themselves in the Old Bazaar in Cairo
Ali (Nick Webb) and his 'son' Ben (Naomi Burrows) lead the chorus…
… and he gets to grips with Delilah the donkey (Denise Burrows & Kay McGregor)
Ali discusses things with his wife Barbara Baba (Laurie Lewis) while his sister-in-law Fatima (Pru Harrold) and daughter-in-law Rhum Baba (Jamie Stickler) look on
More singing and prancing!
The baddies! The robber chief Rashah-al-Gammon (Dorian Burrows) with his 40 thieves [40? well, we cheated a bit]
Our heros (Ali, Barbara, Cassim, Fatima and Rhum Baba) encounter the Rock Creatures at the entrance to the cave. By sesame, they get into the cave and plunder the thieves' treasure.
The thieves capture Cassim (John McGregor), Ali's elder brother – and you will notice the significant extra thief on the right.
The extra thief is none other than Morgiana (Becky Radford) in disguise – and she releases Cassim, for a promise!
Meanwhile Rhum & Barbara seem to have found something to dance about with the chorus, all finely attired. Must be new money.
Not forgetting Delilah the delightful dancing donkey!
But the thieves have plans to get their treasure back – a delivery of jars arrives outside Ali's door …
… and do a dance, as you do in pantomime!
Ali is drawn into a cunning plan
Ben gets Morgiana and they sing "Together"
The Sultan is consulted …
… and seems satisfied
So we can proceed to the Community Song – stage right …
… and stage left.
Our thanks to the band: Jo Levy (Musical Director) on the joanna …
… Martin Levy on guitar, Keith Ireland on percussion

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