Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of 'Around the World in 80 Days', 7/8/9 July 2005

Info from the programme

In the beginning … L to R: Penny McKay, Jo Smith, John McGregor, Adam Coyte
Merchants in Cairo
Paul Kosinski, Lee Carter, Adam Coyte
Mike Measures, Ambassador in Cairo
The snake charming!
Lesley Mather as Mrs Oliphant
On the train
L to R: Laurence Taylor, Paul Kosinski, Lee Carter, Lesley Mather, Adam Coyte
Passepartout is surrounded!
They meet Aouda, Rani of Kulpahar (Georgia Keen on R) & Sheena, her maid (Rachel Whittaker on L)
John McGregor as Obediah, the magistrate in Calcutta, with Paul Kosinski as Felix Fix
Dancers in Hong Kong
Vicky Chappell as Mrs Wang in Hong Kong
Aouda (Georgia Keen) plays cards with Passepartout (Lee Carter)
In the Last Chance Saloon, Medicine Creek
Dancers in Medicine Creek
Our heros making it through
Back in London again!
The stage-left side of the walkdown.

From the Programme

Jules Verne, the celebrated French creator of Science Fiction novels was born in 1828 and died in March, 1905.
Verne is remembered for his inventive and prophetic writing – small wonder that his books have been often adapted, including this particular story.
In fact Around the World was written in 1873 when Cooks Travel Agency had advertised a possible 90 day circumnavigation of the globe – so the idea was not so far fetched.
Adaptations have to take certain liberties with the original text and this particular script has seen many alterations made, hopefully with respect to the essential elements.
Certainly it is an unusual venture for the club, I hope you will appreciate that, so fasten your seatbelts – sorry wrong period! Let the journey commence.
Stanley Sharp, July 2005


Directed by Rod Sharp

Phileas Fogg, gentleman – Adam Coyte
Mrs Hudson, housekeeper – Kay McGregor
Passepartout, his valet – Lee Carter
Flower seller – Chloe Shrubb
Andrew Stuart, friend of Fogg – John McGregor
Viola Stuart ditto – Penny Mackay
Gauthier Ralph ditto – Jo Smith
Maid – Ruth Beesley
Paper seller – Helen Keech
Tom – Matthew Powell
John Jones, hansom cab driver – Laurence Taylor
Felix Fix, private detective – Paul Kosinski
British consul, Cairo – Mike Measures
Mrs Oliphant – Lesley Mather
Railway conductor, India – Laurence Taylor
Aouda, Rani of Kulpahar – Georgia Keen
Sheena, her maid – Rachel Whittaker
Indian Official, Calcutta – Laurence Taylor
Obediah, magistrate, Calcutta – John McGregor
Mrs Wang, Hong Kong – Vicky Chappell
Cisco Kid – Sam Hampson
Railroad conductor, USA – Mike Measures
Annie Oakley – Heidi Farnlucher
Detective Sergeant Collins – Laurence Taylor

Travellers, dancers, crowd: Ruth Beesley, Justine Carter, Wendy Downs, Sammi Gedsyk, Sam Hampson, Nikki Hannan, Amy Holloway, Ashleigh Keech, Helen Keech, Peter Kosinski, Becky Male, Matthew Powell, Chloe Shrubb, Laurence Taylor, Mel Tregay, Catherine Wellen, Sarah Wellen, Daisy Whillians


Scene 1 The apartments of Phileas Fogg at No.7, Saville Row, Burlington Square, London on 2 October 1872
Scene 2 The apartments of Gautier Ralph, director of the Bank of England, in London, later the same day
Scene 3 Cairo
Scene 4 Bombay
Scene 5 On the train crossing India, with an unscheduled stop at Kulpahar
Scene 6 The Jungle

- INTERVAL of about 10 minutes -

Warning: Please keep the aisle clear in scene 8 to allow safe passage of gymnast and dancers!
Scene 7 Calcutta
Scene 8 Hong Kong
Scene 9 In the Last Chance Saloon, Medicine Creek
Scene 10 Liverpool
Scene 11 The apartments of Gautier Ralph in London

Production Team

Producer: Pru Harrold
Choreographer and crowd director: Dil Williamson
Stage Manager: Paul Heath
Stage crew: Vicky Chappell, Peter Kosinski, Mike Measures, Jo Smith, Nick Webb
Lighting and sound: Martin Wellen, Simon Coyte
Follow-spot operator: Daniel Radford
Banners: Rachel Whittaker
Costumes: Caroline Hardy, Rachel Whittaker, Dil Williamson, Pru Harrold
Front of house: Mary Coyte, Stan Sharp and members of the Club

Author (with apologies to Jules Verne): Stan Sharp

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