Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Flora's Heatherley, May 2006

Advertising outside Haslemere Museum
The set at Haslemere Museum

Photos taken by John Owen Smith at performances:—

Act 1

Mr Foreshaw reads his telegram
George Bernard Shaw (GBS) and Sir Frederick Pollock discuss the new Refreshment House at Grayshott
Marion: 'Flora, I need your help!'
Annie Symonds to Walter Chapman: 'I'm told your brother was looking for you'
Bob Pikesley showing Flora a viper: 'There – d'you see, coming out of the heather'
Annie to Izzy: 'The ones shouting "Votes for Women"?'
Grace Leuchars to Winifred Storr: 'Should I get one for Madeleine?'
GBS making a point to Arthur Conan Doyle
William Sillick to Flora: '… with stewed whortleberries and cream tea at the Seven Thorns'

Foreshaw to Annie: 'She was good enough to deliver a telegram to me – after hours'

Walter Chapman to Annie: 'Miss Timms has responsibility for this office'

Flora to Annie: 'Oh come on, it's not like that!'

Flora reading to Charlie and Annie: 'Climatic conditions are no excuse for non-delivery of a telegram'

Walter to Ernest Chapman: 'You should hear Mr Conan Doyle speak on the subject'

Foreshaw to Flora: 'He collapsed and died just before he got to me'

Sir Frederick Pollock and Mrs Davidson opening the Fox & Pelican (on the set at Liphook Millennium Hall)

Villager talking to William Sillick at the opening: 'Not a bad brew, this'

Flora, weighing up her ninepenny lunch from the Fox & Pelican!

Act 2

Annie to Flora: 'I suppose it's "Soldiers of the King" now'

Flora to Richard Brownlow and Annie: 'You should have seen inside his bungalow'

Emily Chapman to Walter: 'I've been faithful to you!'

Sir Frederick Pollock to Conan Doyle: 'You take your life in your hands crossing the Portsmouth road now'

Annie to Conan Doyle: 'Shall I do the short ones first, sir?'

Richard to Mavis and Flora: 'The villain of the piece!'

Ernest to Walter with William Sillick listening: 'We shall talk more of this'

Mrs Parkhurst to Flora: 'I remember when I was your age'

Izzy to Annie with Walter waiting: 'Stamps?'

Annie to Charlie Hannant the telegram boy: 'You'll have even less to do when Hindhead opens'

Richard to Flora: 'I wish I had your good country wisdom'

Winifred and Grace: 'You know who – A. Conan Doyle!'

Mrs Parkhurst: 'She's my little Lammas lamb'

Marion: 'It won't be the same without you, Flora'

Walter Chapman, after doing the dirty deed!

Ernest: 'I fear we are too late!'

The Epilogue: Flora, Ernest, Sillick

Flora: 'It's a wedding!'

And finally…

Cast photograph taken in the garden of Haslemere Museum

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