Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Pirates of Penzance, 28/ 29/30th September 2006

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Photos taken by Deb Williamson at the Saturday performance:—

Act 1

I shall live and die a Pirate King!
Under the brave black flag we fly
Climb the hardy little lasses …
Is there not one maiden breast?
Stay, we must not lose our senses
Here's a first rate opportunity
The very model of a modern Major General
I'll explain in two words …
Against our wills, papa!
We object to major-generals as fathers-in-law
See, at your feet they kneel

Act 2

In this chapel are ancestors, you cannot deny that
My figures agree with yours
Going by birthdays, you are as yet only five and a quarter
Though you die in combat gory
We go, we go
Poor wandering one
Oh happy day with joyous glee



Major-General Stanley – Jo Smith
The Pirate King – Rod Sharp
Samuel – Lee Carter
Frederic – Adam Coyte
Sergeant of Police – Paul Kosinski
Mabel – Rachel Whittaker
Edith – Ashleigh Keech
Kate – Carly Barbey
Isabel – Jenna Cross
Ruth – Mary Coyte

Wards of Major General Stanley:
Helen Keech, Karina Farlucher, Amy Holloway.
David Green, Pru Harrold, Wendy Downs, Dil Williamson, Brad Nicholls.
John McGregor, Daniel Radford, Brad Nicholls, Pru Harrold.

Musical Numbers

Act I
1 Pour, O pour, the Pirate sherry.
2 When Frederic was a little lad.
3 Pirate King.
4 Climbing over rocky mountain.
5 Poor wandering one.
6 Stay, we must not lose our senses.
7 For he is a Major-General.
7a Oh men of dark and dismal fate.
8 Act I finale.

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II
 9 Oh, dry the glistening tear.
10 When the foeman bares his steel.
11 The Paradox.
12 Tho' in body and in mind.
13 When a felon's not engaged in his employment.
14 A rollicking band of pirates we.
15 With cat-like tread.
16 Act II finale.

Production Team

Director – Vicky Chappell
Producer – Jill Turner
Musical Director – Jo Levy
Costumes – Dil Williamson
Props Manager – Kay McGregor
Stage Manager – Paul Heath
Stage Crew – Nick Webb, Peter Kosinski
Lighting/Sound – Martin Wellen
Set Construction – Members of the Club
Front of House Organisation – Members of the Club
Make-up & Coiffure – Dil Williamson
Posters – Isabel & Peter Glinn
Programme cover – Emily Downs

This production was dedicated to the memory of Headley Theatre Club's late percussionist, Timothy Mark (Tim) Barnett

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