Photographs from Headley Theatre Club's "Authentic 1899 Music Hall" – October 2007

The Authentic Poster
The ladies show off their finery before the show.
And the gents do likewise.
The chairman, David Wynn, holds court in the stage-right changing room…
…but his good influence doesn't last!
Meanwhile, stage-left, the ladies have found food for thought!
To the amusement of the stage manager?
And so, on with the show – the chairman declaims.
Madame Levy is ready and waiting at the joanna.
Teresa Marsh takes the stage.
Jo Smith takes command of a row of houses.
Caroline Hunt is a bird in a gilded cage.
David Burnham has a Spaniard blighting his life.
Things are looking a little serious 'Up West'!
… and not much more joyous here either!
… but our brave lads have a job to do!! (I think it was the Boer War this time)
We cheer things up with a Ta Ra Ra Boom-de-ay …
…and some pearly jollity!
Meanwhile, we leave the director to clear up the crockery.

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