Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild production of Macbeth, April 2007

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Photos taken by Angus McKay:—

Mrs Reece (Penny McKay) introduces herself to the audience

The back-to-front set at the start of the show

Macduff (Vicky Chappell), Lady Macbeth (John McGregor) and Banquo (Jo Levy)

Jo Levy as Banquo rides the trolley with Mel White and Mavis Standing pushing below the sheet.

Pru Harrold (Macbeth) and John McGregor (Lady Macbeth) can't get rid of the apparition.

The three witches: Mel White (left), Vicky Chappell (centre with wheelchair and leg in plaster) and Wendy Downs (right)

Wendy Downs and Mel White get the suspended severed head to speak to Macbeth (Pru Harrold)

The Producer (David Green) wheels on the indisposed Macduff (Vicky Chappell)

The Adjudicator (Paul Kosinski) caught fixing his face…

… and in full drag at the end!

The cast (L to R): David Green, John McGregor, Penny McKay, Wendy Downs, Vicky Chappell, Jo Levy, Pru Harrold, Mel White

Caroline Kosinski (prompt) and Karina Farnlucher (pianist)

Cast List . . .

George Peach (Adjudicator) – Paul Kosinski
Mrs Reece (Lady Macduff & Doctor) – Penny McKay
Thelma (Macbeth & Ross) – Pru Harrold
Henry (Lady Macbeth & 8 Kings!) – John McGregor
Minnie (Banquo & Lady Macduff's son) – Jo Levy
Plummer (the producer) – David Green
Dawn (1st Witch, Porter, 2nd Murderer, Duncan & Fleance) – Wendy Downs
Felicity (2nd Witch, Seyton & 1st Murderer) – Mel White
Kate (3rd Witch, Macduff & Messenger) – Vicky Chappell
Gwynneth (Pianist) – Karina Farnlucher

Production Team

Director – Jill Turner
Co-ordination – Kay McGregor
Stage Manager – Dil Williamson
Set Construction – Paul Heath and helpers
Additional Backstage Crew – Peter Kosinski, Jo Smith, Nick Webb
Lighting/Sound – Martin Wellen/Simon Coyte
Props – Lesley Mather, Mavis Standing
Costumes – Mavis Standing, Pru Harrold, Dil Williamson
Prompt – Caroline Kosinski
Poster design – Emily Downs

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