Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Flora's Peverel, July 2007

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Before the tour – during rehearsals, photos for the Press:

(L to R): Isabelle Glinn, Katherine Wellen, Sarah Wellen, Alex Clark
Flora with her 'literary mentor' Dr Macfie: Peter Glinn, Mel White
(L to R): Peter Glinn (Dr Macfie), Mavis Standing (Mrs Parkhurst), Mel White
(Flora Thompson), Rod Sharp (John Thompson), Wendy Downs (Mrs Vale), Kay
McGregor (Mrs Leggett)
Georgia Keen (Postgirl 'Louie' Woods) with Charlie O'Reardon (Canadian Sgt

On tour: Haslemere Museum, Saturday 7th July 2007:

The cast in Haslemere Museum garden before the start of the matinee, 7th July 2007
Sc 2: Canadian Sgt John Mumford bumps into 'Louie' Woods with her ancient bicycle, in Liphook during the First World War in 1916
[Seen in audience is Ted Flaxman, who at the time lived in Flora's old school in Cottisford]
Sc 3: Young Joe Leggett buys a pennyworth of gobstoppers from John Thompson
Sc 3: 'Louie' Woods is reprimanded by John Thompson for coming into the post office through the wrong door "like a member of the public" Flora looks on sympathetically
Sc 4: Maggie and Bill Tidy, arguing as usual
Sc 6: John Thompson and Harry Envis return from a fishing trip to Forest Mere
Sc 7: Dr Ronald Campbell Macfie pays a surprise visit to Flora but John Thompson is about to interrupt them!
Sc 8: Maggie Tidy takes a penknife for sharpening from young Bessie Vale
Sc 8: Mrs Vale tells Bessie not to trade with such people!
Sc 8: Maggie Tidy spins a yarn to Sgt Mumford
Sc 9: Flora gets 'Louie' Woods ready for inspection before she starts her round
Sc 10: Bill Tidy inspects a Mills Bomb which Maggie has just found on Bramshott Common Sgt Mumford suggests they hand it over, and gently!
Sc 11: John Thompson in the sorting office with Harry Envis and 'Louie' Woods
Sc 12: Bill Tidy thinks his luck is in when Maggie comes to him with flowers on his birthday
Sc 15: Mrs Parkhurst (Flora's old landlady in Grayshott) visiting with her daughter Elsie Elsie was a late-comer, born while Flora was there, and Flora has just discovered that she too is unexpectedly pregnant again
Interval: Alex and Katherine as two 'newspaper boys' set the scene for Act 2, which begins in 1926 after a gap of 10 years
Sc 17: Some things never change Maggie and Bill Tidy are still their old argumentative selves: here they meet Flora and help her identify a plant she's found: "tis hawkweed as you can see"
Sc 17: Flora's daughter Diana appears with a letter from Australia her fiancé has gone out there with her brother Basil
Sc 18: Eileen Leggett withdraws 2 shillings from her savings account at the post office John Thompson makes sure she fills the form out correctly!
Sc 19: Flora tries a spot of water divining with her younger son, Peter
Sc 22: Mrs Leggett and her daughter Eileen who run a farm in Griggs Green, talking about the Thompsons, who have just moved into Woolmer Gate next door to them
Sc 23: Diana and Flora discuss how life has changed for them now they have their own house, away from the post office
Sc 25: Flora meets Sam the shepherd and his imaginary flock of sheep on Weavers Down ( her Peverel Down)
Sc 26: Diana Thompson and Eileen Leggett operating the Liphook telephone exchange in 1927
Sc 27: John Thompson is about to tell Flora that his promotion to Dartmouth will take them away from the new house and garden they have just moved to she will not be best pleased in a moment (and we decided not to give her too sharp an implement to hold in the interests of health & safety!)
Sc 28: Bill and Maggie Tidy have just accidentally burnt there 'house' down so she is not best pleased either!
Sc 29: Eileen Leggett and young Peter Thompson about to go 'up Peverel' to do some work on the farm
Sc 30: Capt Byfield presenting John Thompson with a cheque for £40, money collected from subscribers on his leaving Liphook post office that would be about £1,500 in today's money, so they certainly appreciated him!
Sc 32: The day the Thompsons leave Liphook, in autumn 1928: it is raining outside; young Peter is trying to be helpful; John is trying to keep his temper
Sc 33: We jump forward nearly 10 years: Flora sees a report in a magazine showing her old boyfriend from Grayshott days retiring from business she wonders what has happened to him in his life [In this presentation we had Diana showing her the magazine in the original script it was Peter, by now an engineer, who showed it to her but we couldn't find a Peter!]
Sc 34: John Thompson's epilogue following Flora's death in May 1947
The cast at the end of the show in Haslemere Museum
For comparison, the cast at the end of the show at the Rural Life Centre

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