Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Jack & the Beanstalk, January 2007

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Before it all began …

The Goose on the loose!
The Cast in rehearsal
Director and Assistant Director see the funny side

Shots from the Last-Night show by Deb Williamson …

Act I
Witch Whey and Wizard Wheeze partake of The Prologue
Jo and Dil begin the Hokey Cokey …
… and the rest join in
Widow English to Jill & Simon: "We'll be inconvenienced"
Squire Maguire: "All I want is my just desserts!"
Jo the Pieman in too much of a hurry to oblige!!
The squire to Bean & Dunnit: "Widow English owes me lots of money"
Jack and Annabelle the cow – "Pennies from Heaven"
Jack to Witch Whey: "Is this some joke?"
Jack meets Princess Penelope: "Where are you from, then?"
Queen Anne to King George & Stammers: "Penny eloped? Oh no!"
The Chorus in full dance and song outside Widow English's cottage
Widow English tends her tender flowers …
… and gets an unwelcome visit from Squire Maguire
Jack to Widow: "Guess who?"
Widow to Penelope: "You're from the Palace, are you?"
Widow: "He means beans!!"
Hit the road, Jack!
Wheeze to Whey: "We don't think you're very nice!"
Beanstalk Elves to Jack & Penelope: "Have you come to lend a hand?"
Chorus: "In Jim Giant's hideaway"
The baddies arrive, looking familiar
Jim Giant and Captain Detergiant discuss the washing
Harriet the Magic Harp arrives
The baddies are back!
Come along miss, quietly now or I'll halve your harmonics!
Sarah Giant to Jack & Penelope: "So Jim was right, we have got visitors"
Stammers: "It's a large, large place"
How did you get through the shark-infested moat and the electric razor-wire?
"Exit in haste,"' it says in the script
Jack: "Everybody ready, then follow me!"
Act II
Wheeze: "This interval's gone on too long"
Chorus: "In the dungeon, the ice-cold dungeon, the Giant sleeps tonight"
Enter stage left, Gertie the Goose …
… who seems to have laid a bomb!
… and also, usefully, some golden eggs!
The goose gets frisky in the line-up
Penelope: "I watch a lot of television in the afternoons, there's not much else to do in the Palace"
What does that goose think it's doing?
I'll sort it out!
Widow: "Come on, Stammers, it's a two-person model"
Our intrepid flyers descend into the auditorium …
… and the audience 'enjoys' some in-flight entertainment
Penelope climbs down the beanstalk …
… closely followed by Jack
A metal beanstalk?
Harriet the Harp to the rescue!
Uh-Huh, the baddies are back …
… but they get their 'just desserts'! …
… and a golden egg to keep them quiet
Stammers: "If I might inter - inter - interject, your Highness"
Stammers gets more than he bargained for from the Widow offstage!!
The Queen is not amused at the news of Penelope marrying Jack
And we end, as ever, with the Community Song!

Bits you missed behind the scenes, caught by Jo Smith!

The Widow takes a rest between scenes …
… but comes out good for the camera
The Flowers line up for their entrance
And the Beanstalk Elves
Witch Whey and Wizard Wheeze wait
Jack in his/her finery for the walk-down (ignore Paul's legs!)
And there's always an udder side to life!

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