Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of The Railway Children, April 2008

Publicity visit to the Rural Life Centre, Tilford

John McGregor (Old Gentleman) congratulates the children
[photo courtesy of Chris Shepheard]

Before it all began … at the first Dress Rehearsal

Perks (David Burnham) with Phyllis (Emily Downs) and Peter (Chris Potts)
(L to R) Alf (Carlton Bone), Edith (Sammi Gedsyk), Phyllis (Emily Downs), Roberta (Isabelle Glinn) and Peter (Chris Potts)
Paul Heath (Stage Manager) changing the scene
Mother (Sarah Cain) and Roberta (Isabelle Glinn)
Sarah's fourth man!
The cast (or as many as we had at the first Dress Rehearsal!)

The Director (Rod Sharp) counts down the days …

Saturday 12th April, in Headley Village Hall (photos by Deb Williamson)

What's in the chest, mum?
Kay offers Perks her Railcard
The Railway Children at the station
The Perks' children at the station
Waving to the Old Gentleman
Dr Kosinski, I presume?
Banner No.1
Perks delivers the goods
Banner No.2
Je parle français…
Keep away … I saw him first!
Mais madame, les Russes ne jouent pas au cricket!
Fetching, ou quoi!
What! We're not even at the end of the first act yet?
Will it stop?
Apparently not!
The Controller of Awards
Can you see what it is yet?
He has legs!
Will I make an England opener in time?
You think what!??
Maybe I didn't play that quite right.
Penny for the Guy?
Mel suddenly discovers she's in the wrong play!
Albert and Nel have some talking to do!

And at this point the battery ran out…

Sunday 13th April, at the Rural Life Centre, Tilford

The cast arriving…
There was one enforced change to the cast in this performance when Dan's Cup Final went into extra time and Nick took his place, as a mature teenager!
A shot we missed on Saturday, when the camera's battery died on us!

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