Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Sleeping Beauty, January 2008

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Before it all began … at the first Dress Rehearsal

(Some of the chorus, L to R): Maggie Farnlucher, Kay McGregor, Isabelle Glinn,
Emily Downs, Sarah Wellen, Alice Hiller, Rachel Whittaker
(L to R) John McGregor as Nurse Constance surrounded by (L) Mavis Standing and (R) Tina Wareham
Wendy Downs as the bad Fairy Belladonna
(L to R) Vicky Chappell as Sir Rowan; Mel White as Prince Rufus
(L to R) Teresa Marsh as Queen Matilda and David Burnham as King Harold
Our four junior elves
Pru Harrold as Benjamin the Chancellor, surrounded by (L) Jenna Cross and (R) Lisa Beasley
Three of our four junior fairies
(L to R) Ruth Beesley as Princess Rose and Justine Carter as Marigold
Sarah Cain as a 'Henchperson'
Dil Smith as the good Fairy Lilac
(L to R) Justine Carter, Vicky Chappell, Ruth Beesley and Mel White in the finale

From the productions:

Prince Rufus and Sir Rowan enter through the auditorium to start the show
'Beyond the Blue Horizon'
Nurse Constance (aka John McGregor) takes the stage
Belladonna's henchmen: (L to R) Dan Radford, Sarah Cain, Lee Carter
Gerald the Herald (Chris Potts) is not amused
Fairy Lilac: 'Belladonna's really miffed'
'Baby Face'
'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen'
Constance (John McGregor) and Marigold (Justine Carter)
Princess Rose (Ruth Beesley) and Constance (John McGregor)
Constance (John McGregor) asks Benjamin (Pru Harrold): 'Are you drawn to this lady?'
Gerald the Herald (Chris Potts) and King Harold (David Burnham)
'I Got Rhythm'
Prince Rufus (Mel White) miked up when she lost her voice!
Sir Rowan (Vicky Chappell) and Prince Rufus (Mel White)
The Elves working in Belladonna's workshop 'Nine to Five'
Princess Rose (Ruth Beesley) taking no orders from anyone!
The Princess touches the poisoned wheel and receives a little prick on her finger – you know the rest!
'Hey, Good Looking!'
The Fairies lend a hand
Sir Rowan and the Prince get caught by the magic Brambles
Sir Rowan and the Prince take arms on Belladonna's entrance
Belladonna (Wendy Downs) – always in green light, so difficult to photograph!
The Brambles come crashing down, and a scene of smoky somnolence is revealed
Prince Rufus proposes to Princess Rose: 'He'll do!'
Summer Nights: the 'male' side
Summer Nights: the 'female' side
'The Night they invented Champagne'
Gerald the Herald gets out his long list…
…and gets carried off by the Stage Manager (Paul Heath) for his pains.
The Cast saluting the lighting desk in the Finale
And finally we can relax! Director (Jo Smith), King Harold (David Burnham), guitarist (Martin Levy) and drummer/stage-hand (Paul Wareham) at the after-show party

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