Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Candleford, June 2009

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Before it all began … at the first Dress Rehearsal

L to R: Paul Wareham, Alex Clark,
(behind him) Jo Smith, Chris Potts,
Wendy Downs, Chloe Porter, Jo Levy,
(at rear) Martin Levy, Dale Lodge,
Nick Webb, Pru Harrold, Mel White,
Freda Lodge (just showing her head),
Kat Wootton, John Preskett, Rod Sharp

Some of the cast having a picnic lunch before the show at Tilford:—
L to R: Freda Lodge, Nelson, Dale Lodge, Kat Wootton, (seated) Mel White, John Preskett, Paul Wareham, Jo Levy, Chris Potts, Martin Levy, Steve White; Zya & Zak White on the ground

Photos taken by Zya White (age 7) at the Rural Life Centre, Tilford, on Sunday 21st June 2009:—

Chloe Porter as 'Laura'

Kat Wootton as 'Dorcas Lane'

John Preskett as 'Joliffe'

Dale Lodge as the Carter

Audience involvement at the start

Cast during the preamble

The apprentice smiths

Dinner with Dorcas

Laura with Mel White as 'Minnie'

And the band played on…

Collage of the cast made by John Preskett:—

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