Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Dick Whittington, January 2009

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Before it all began … at the first Dress Rehearsal

The cast as taken by the photographer from The Bordon Post at the first dress rehearsal

Report in the Bordon Post, 14th Jan 2009

Photos taken by Deb Williamson on the last performance of 17th January 2009

Act I:

Puss (Dil Williamson-Smith) and Dick (Mel White) start the show: "Is this the way to London?"
Opening chorus number: "Who will buy?"
Sally Forth (Tina Wareham) and Fred Chaucer (Dan Radford): "There's a cook in it"
Claud (Nick Webb) and Madame Lillywhite (Teresa Marsh): "Get a life, Claud!"
Madame Lillywhite and Alderman Fitzwarren (David Burnham): "You make me sound like a midwife!"
Puss and Alice Fitzwarren (Isabelle Glinn): "Whose Puss are you?"
Alice and Dick: "Flash, bam, alakazam…"
Bos'n Jangles (Vicky Chappell) and Captain Carwash (John McGregor): "No scurvy knaves to press into my crew?"
An ex-Woolworths mangager points out her problem.
"Let me entertain you!"
Claud meets Jasper de Mauditt (Lee Carter) in an alley: "What sort of a name is Jasper, then?"
Dick and Puss meet Fred at the docks: " Why is it called the Gazunda?"
"Paddy lay back"
Roger the cabin boy (Chris Potts) and Captain Carwash: "It be like this, young Roger me lad…"
"Hey, look me over…"
The Alderman is impressed by Claud's lively bolt.
"I hear singing and there's no one there… It is not so surprising…"
Bit of a boob from backstage! Cue was: "Captain, I have a chest of some value…"
Dick: "It's empty. All the gold and jewels – gone!"
Alice was afraid, she was petrified!
Dick wasn't much happier…
And as for that darned cat – it just went to sleep!
"We sailed on the Sloop John B…"
Captain: "We're ready to weigh the anchor, shoot the sun, take a turn around the capstan, ship ahoy and splice the mainbrace"
"It's in the script"
Fred: "Did somebody call for a better author?"
Madame Lillywhite: "Are you captain carwash of the good ship Venus?"
The ship departs…
  …and goes on…
  …and on…
  …and on…
  …and on…
  …until the cat appears trailing on a rope.

Act II:

Alderman Fitzwarren: "I'm told that some of you are not a little confused…"
Aziz (Mavis Standing) and Sally: "Can you tell me where the public baths are?"
Madame Lillywhite: "It IS Casablanca!…" "…Play it again, Sam"
"Behind you!" Dick and Alice are (almost) encircled by rats.
King Rat (Rod Sharp) meets his match: "It's only a cat, King Rat!"
The Sultan (David Green) and his currant wife (Kay McGregor) arrive on the scene.
Carwash: "Are you up for a shanty, Mr Chaucer?"
Sally and Madame Lillywhite having a tete-a-diverty-titty-whatsit on the voyage home.…
…while Alice and Dick sing of shacking up in a shanty.
Meanwhile back in London – Look out – "Something's Coming!"
It's Jasper – "If I close my eyes really tight, will you give me the keys?" But Karina hasn't got them!
Alderman to Alice: "Did you have to murder him for it?"
Alice to Alderman: "Father, it's time for your medication!"
Sally: "Well, I don't really want a public one!"
Bring on the Blue Nuns!
Is Puss sitting this one out – or just trying unsuccessfully to hide the Aldernman's legs!
The final finale!

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