Are You Being Served? — 8/9 & 15/16 October 2010

Pictures taken at the first Dress Rehearsal, 3rd October

Pru as Mrs Slocombe

Jo as Mr Mash, taking the knickers from the dummy!

The shop floor – Mel (Miss Brahms), Louis (Mr Grainger) & Andy (Mr Lucas)

The shop floor – Mel (Miss Brahms), Pru (Mrs Slocombe), David (Capt Peacock), Andy (Mr Lucas) & Louis (Mr Grainger)

Pru (Mrs Slocombe), Nick (Mr Humphries), Louis (Mr Grainger), Tim (Mr Rumbold) & David (Capt Peacock)

Tim (Mr Rumbold), David (Capt Peacock) & Andy (Mr Lucas)

Nick inspecting Wendy's derrière

Miss Brahms inspects the German bustenhalter

Pru, Tim and Louis in 'German gear'!

Reception at Don Bernado's Palace Hotel – L to R: Jo (Don Bernado) with Tim, David & Louis in holiday garb.

Mr Humphries in his fucshia suit and yellow sunglasses

Don Bernado pours the wine at dinner.

Mr Rumbold and Capt Peacock discuss the world next to Miss Brahms' bed.

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