Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Robinson Crusoe, January 2010

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Photos taken by Jo Smith and Jill Turner during performances on 16th January 2010

Act I:

Junior chorus opening the show "Down by the Old Holly Bush"
Captain (David Burnham) to Leslie (John McGregor, left) and Sidney (Peter Glinn, centre): "Get moving, you miserable microbes!"
While Sidney inspects his cheesy foot, the kids steal the Captain's trunk
Scruffy the Cat (Alex Clark) enters
… and so does Mrs Crusoe (Paul Kosinski)
Robinson (Abigail Englefield) to Captain with the Mate (Lee Carter) looking on: "If you're sailing South, that's for me sir!"
Maryanne (Isabelle Glinn) and Sue (Emily Downs) sing "I will follow him" – in the key of E flat, to the chagrin of all guitar players!
Basil (Mel White) bends over backwards to impress the Captain!
They said we'd never get him on stage! Neil Hardinge 'pressed' to the cause by sailors Vicky Meadows and Mavis Standing
Mrs Crusoe introduces the audience to her pet fish Gertrude
Aunt Dolly (Martin Wellen, left) arrives
with children
one of them arriving in a box
Here comes Fairy Tinkerbelle (Karina Farnlucher) to muddy the plot
The Captain asks (more or less musically!) for Money: the two Pauls lend a hand on bendy guitars
The Mate tries to steal Robinson's map
In times of crisis, Tinkerbelle calls for the Fairy Queen (Dil Smith)
The crew of the Saucy Sue wonder what else they might be doing
and, sadly, proceed to tell us!
Mrs Crusoe brings her washing out to dry
and there is general horse-play on deck
until the Sea Messenger (Tina Wareham) arrives to give warning of a storm
and the Act ends with a whirling wheel!

Act II:

Act II starts with a Hippy, Hippy Shake on the island of Hi Sing …
followed by the appearance of a headless cat!
Dolly's kids give lip as usual!
The Captain and Mate arrive following Basil – Tangerine (Kay McGregor) leads the bowing and scraping; Serena, the Chief's daughter (Caroline Kosinski) looks on.
Basil gets shirty with the Mate.
Dolly finally arrives to add to the confusion.
Hob Nob, the Island Chief (Rod Sharp) and his wife Gingernut (Wendy Downs) look on at the spectacle – can it get worse?
Yes it can – we get the pink elephant too!
Hey-ho, Tinks is back, bent wand and all.
Who's hiding behind that upside-down Christmas tree? Last night it was Friday, so today it must be blow me down, it's Friday again (Nick Webb).
Friday looks at the map: "I know this place well"
it's Around the Corner, oo-oo!
This is the place. Scary or what?
All on stage for 500 Miles — even Parish Councillors!
Meanwhile back at the ranch — the kids are fishing for Gertrude.
Beatrice (Katherine Wellen) is spokesperson for the kids.
The treasure arrives …
… to the pleasure of the Chief's ladies — but he is not amused.
So they all lived happily ever after, and lined up for a song.
Time to go home …
And a finale view taken by Janet Hardinge from the aisle on the last matinee performance

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