Cinderella — 7/8 & 14/15 January 2011

See photos from performances of the same script in 1990 and 2002

Pictures taken by Janet Hardinge at the Dress Rehearsal, 6th January

Press report

The Queen (Kay McGregor) descends elegantly from the throne watched by the King (John McGregor)

The Ugly Sisters (Wendy Downs and Pru Harrold) are 'made up' by Buttons (Vicky Meadows) and Cinders (Karina Farnlucher)

At the Finale (only three of the 12 Juniors are there)

Pictures taken by Angus McKay at the First Performance, Friday 7th January

Vicky Meadows as Buttons

The chorus singing Georgy Girl – L to R: Thomas Hiller, Natasha Hibberd, Mel White, Dil Williamson-Smith, Maggie Farnlucher, Mavis Standing, Nick Webb

Prince Charming (Mark Spiller) and Prince Luscious (Luke Oates)

The Queen (Kay McGregor) and King (John McGregor)

The junior chorus as woodland creatures, about to hound the Fairy Godmother

Baron Hardup (Rod Sharp) with the Landlady (Mel White) …

… and with his lovely wife, the Lady Hardup (Martin Wellen)

Griselda (Pru Harrold) and Mona (Wendy Downs) appear as the Ugly Sisters

Cinderella (Karina Farnlucher) with the Fairy Godmother (Tina Wareham) …

… and with Asif, the enchanted Rat (Katherine Wellen)

A magic coach is constructed for Cinderella to go to the Ball …

… and is now ready and waiting

The Ugly Sisters plot revenge against Cinders

The Princes will Never Find Another You!

Eat your heart out, Abba! The chorus do Dancing Queen

The Rats tell the Princes to Beat It!

Vampire Babies Dancing in the Dark

The King and Queen deliberate on a dilemma

Prince Charming alone with Cinders at last!

The junior chorus at the walkdown

The Finale, all present and correct!

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